Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend News & Notes

This past weekend we finally got to just stay home. We'd been on the road four straight weekends and practically forgot what it was like to have time to do things on the weekend. We got to sleep in, shop, and do new things, all without leaving Rochester. It was nice. We obviously enjoyed all of our time away as well. Lots of family time, a getaway for Craig and me, and a trip to Pittsburgh were all well worth the travel...but perhaps it would have been a little easier if it wasn't four weekends in a row!!

Our first bit of fun actually took place on Wednesday. We took Lori (my cousin and Jacob's godmother) out to dinner for a belated birthday celebration and a pre-operation food fest. She got her tonsils out this past Friday, so Wednesday's dinner was a bit of a last hurrah before she was relegated to a liquid diet. We went to Olive Garden for dinner. Jacob did okay but got a little fussy after a while. Still, we had a good time. Instead of getting dessert there, we opted to head to Oriens Cafe, a little place around the corner from us that serves the best gelato. I haven't had a lot of gelato, but people who have swear by it. The father of a friend of ours owns it, and we've been there a handful of times since it opened last year. It's a perfect walking distance for us. When we got there, our friend's father was behind the counter and took a liking to Jacob (before he even knew who we were). He whipped up a baby cone of gelato for Jacob...literally. The cone itself was only about two inches tall and about an inch in diameter. He put a perfect little ball of raspberry gelato on top. Jacob LOVED it. Here's the proof:

It was so cute!

Friday night we stuck close to home (ahhhh), and Saturday we headed out to Aunt Lynne and Uncle Cliff's, where Lori was staying post-op. Jacob's job was to cheer her up, and I think he did a pretty good job. He was pretty good the whole time we were there. And in case you ever doubted his love of wagon rides, check this out:

Yes, he's trying to get into a tiny little doll wagon. It was really funny! He's still loving the wagon rides, though now that we're back to work, I think we're taking wagon rides too late. Jacob's fallen asleep mid-ride two nights in a row. It makes for a long walk back when we have to carry him!

Sunday we finally got to go to the beach. It was a hot day but we figured we could survive a couple hours at most. So we packed up, grabbed lunch by the lake, and headed down to the sand. The beach here in Rochester isn't too bad. I mean, I wouldn't put anything more than Jacob's feet in the water, and I cringed for more reasons than one when he tried to eat sand, but if you're just hanging out on the sand, it's not half bad. We finally got to use Jacob's sand toys, and he really had a lot of fun. We used sand molds, filled up a bucket with sand, and dug holes. He really got into it. He liked squishing sand (and throwing it--ugh), and wasn't daunted by the broiling hot sand...he crawled right across it about 12 feet away from us...twice! When we took him down to the water to let it run over his feet, he seemed to enjoy it. He didn't really smile much, but he stood there watching it, squishing his toes in the wet sand. He was covered in sand from head to toe, and unfortunately, even going in the water wouldn't have cleaned him off...it was just as sandy! Still, it was fun to watch him explore and take it all in. I wish I had better pictures of him, but once I was sandy, I was afraid to touch the camera! After we finished up on the beach, we stopped to get some ice cream. Jacob did great helping me with my strawberry cone. It was sooo good! He started to get sleepy on the walk to the car, and was asleep before we even buckled him in. He even fell asleep an hour earlier than usual, so you know the beach wiped him out good!

In other news, he's got three teeth coming in! We knew the next two teeth on top were coming. They seemed to be just inside the gums for so long, and they finally have broken through. But out of nowhere he's also got one on the bottom! It seems to be coming in a tad crooked with a big space, but I'm thinking it might right itself a bit as it comes in. We've had this feeling for a while that he'd suddenly get a bunch out of nowhere, so the next few weeks could get interesting.

No news in the walking/standing department, though he is doing his "grass crawl" more often now on all surfaces, which is just bent-over walking. He stands up effortlessly most of the time and seems to need less support when we help him walk, but the balance still isn't quite there. He doesn't stand up on his own yet, but once in a while we can trick him into standing solo for a couple seconds. Like the teeth, there's been some slow progress for a while, but I think all of a sudden it's just going to happen.

No new words lately, but he does seem to be adding more babbling sounds that sound closer to conversation, if that makes any sense. They're not real words, but sound as if they could be. He's still pretty ball-focused. Lately he's been crawling into the dining room and saying "ball" while pointing at our wine rack, and yesterday I finally figured out why. He calls his little baseball bat a "ball", and I think he thinks the wine bottles are bats, too! So cute!

He's also been loving full-body peek-a-boo lately. He'll grab a blanket and cover himself up, and we'll do the whole, "Where's Jacob?" thing. He's really good with the comic timing of hiding and showing himself. He giggles hysterically, and also loves when I do the same thing back to him. One of these days I'll have to get it on tape.

He's still a handful, leaving a path of disaster in his wake, and he's still not eating great (though we've had some good meals lately, too), but as a whole he's really developing into quite the little boy these days. It's small steps, but I can definitely see them take shape. I say it often, but probably not enough...we're truly blessed to have such a sweet little boy!

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