Friday, August 7, 2009

Vacation part 2

I last left off on Saturday after my mom's family reunion. We were all beat! Sunday morning we got up for church and came home for a day of hanging out around the house, trying to get good pictures of Jacob and Kate together. We were only moderately successful because getting them both to smile at once was a challenge! It was fun trying, though. We took them out in my parents' wagon, visited with Great Grandma Ellman, and eventually met our cousins Todd and Cathy and their kids at Duff's for some chicken wings for dinner. Jacob had had trouble napping the whole day and finally dozed off on the way there. We kept him in his seat until he woke up, and then tried to put him in the high chair. He totally freaked. I don't know what it was...maybe waking up in a strange, loud place, or maybe some physical discomfort, or maybe just an extreme case of the crankiness he's had lately...but he cried for a good half hour straight. My mom was finally the one to calm him down. He was fairly normal after that, thank goodness. For a while we were considering taking him to an afterhours care place, just to rule out an ear infection or something. Our current guess is teething, since he's had a couple teeth ready to bust through for ages. He went to sleep great that night and John and Kristin and Craig and I escaped for a few drinks at Todd and Cathy's new garage bar....awesome!

Monday was more of the same, just hanging around the house. Jacob got more wagon time and we tried again on the pictures of them together. Jacob is now officially addicted to the outdoors. He has like being outside for a while, usually pounding on the door at daycare to go out for a walk. But lately, particularly since he spent a lot of time on the swing, slide and wagon at my parents, he points longingly at any portal to the outdoors, crying to get out. Fortunately we have a wagon at home and we've had the time this week to take a lot of evening walks. Jacob has been loving it.

We went home on Monday after lunch, and tried to settle back in to a week at home. Tuesday brought a whole new adventure--a trip to the Corning Museum of Glass! I'll have pictures from the rest of the weekend, plus a full report of the Corning trip and the rest of the week, coming up in the next few days. I can't figure out how to get my pictures on Craig's computer at the moment, so all I can do is type! Time to go to bed and prepare for a busy day in Pittsburgh tomorrow!

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