Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures & More

It's been a while since I posted pictures so I thought I'd catch up on a few. These are from two weekends ago, when we met up with some family for the Lilac Festival. We did a little pre-festival lunch at my cousin Lori's place, then walked to the festival from there. These two pics were of a happy Jacob in his little portable high (or low) chair. I like his smile in the first and his sweet little face with both teeth visible in the second.

I do feel bad that the poor kid always looks tired. I think it's allergies. I always have bags and dark circles, too. While he's not a great napper, he does seem to get enough sleep because he has some very happy periods during the day and is generally pretty functional.

This picture was during our walk to the festival. Jacob fell asleep (or almost asleep) like this. In his left hand is an empty Mentos gum container. He really liked holding it. My mom put a little stone in it at some point during the walk so Jacob could rattle it around. He actually held on to it for most of the festival, which was pretty amazing. But yeah, quite the sleeping position, isn't it?

I'll give an update on our Memorial Day weekend in my next post, but let's see...what else is new? Jacob tried some new foods over the past few days, including watermelon and yogurt. He also got a tiny taste of mango gelato, just because he was giving me this desperate look with his tongue wagging (seriously). I figure that he'll be getting into full-on dairy in less than a month anyway, so a tiny little droplet of gelato would be ok. Yogurt seems to be going well--he really seems to like it--but it's tough to tell if it's making him gassier than usual. That may account for some random crankiness at a couple points over the weekend...though I also decided to try having cereal and milk for the first time in ages this weekend, too, so that could have done it as well. Again, I figure he's on the road to cow's milk in the next month, so I figured that dairy was worth a try to see if the cow's milk protein sensitivity that I was pretty sure he had when he was first born was still around. It's tough to tell. We'll just have to keep watching...and listening. He was a big fan of the watermelon, though. I just need to keep trying to figure out other things to give him, because I'm feeling some peer pressure based on the fact that another kid at day care (younger than him, no less) has a stack of four containers of finger food each day...no baby food. I can't tell exactly what they are, but I know I could probably be doing a lot better at this. It just takes planning, which I'm not particularly great at. Jacob's still fighting his bottles a lot (less fighting with breastfeedings, I guess now I'm just used to them coming up short), so day care has had to great creative in breaking up the bottles...some with his oatmeal, some in his sippy cup, and the rest for a short bottle feeding. I feel bad that they're bearing the brunt of his eating difficulties. He does seem to be doing a lot better with the sippy cup (much less spillage) but you definitely know when he's done, because it's on the floor.

He didn't do much of his fish-face-kissy-noises over the weekend, but he was sticking his tongue out a lot, which was cute. However, I'm convinced he's half dog because of some of the things he does...between chewing on things, holding them in his mouth, licking me, and I think he even growled once over the weekend. It's still pretty cute, though. However, his blood-curdling screaming is not. He's been doing that quite a bit. I can't tell if there's really something bothering his (like the aforementioned gas) or if he just figured out he could be that forceful and is milking it for all it's worth. He can go from full-blown shriek to a sweet smile in about two seconds flat, so I really have no idea what's up. He can do the same in the opposite direction as well, so that can be a little difficult in public places. He hates his car seat right now, so that's been a sure-fire scream-fest lately. Arg. I'm also trying to figure out how to get him to stop hitting and biting all of the time. I think at this point it's just baby stuff--teething, lack of control compounded by excitement--and not any desire to hurt, but no matter how many times I try to stop him or show him alternate actions, he still doesn't quite get it...and he is getting strong and will have four teeth in a matter of days. Hmmmm.

He definitely has his difficult moments, but so much of the time he's just goofy and sweet so it all evens out. It's tough keeping up with him because he's slowly discovering other parts of the house he hasn't terrorized yet, but so far we're doing ok. His recent fussiness and screaming may just be a sign that he's trying to assert some independence and show us what he likes and doesn't like. He does the same scream when we take something away or steer him away from stuff, so perhaps his crankiness in the car seat or on the changing table is just another symptom of that. We shall see.

I'll try to post Memorial Day weekend pics soon!

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