Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Teeth....Baby Food....Baby "Wood"?

Strange title, I know. Lots of random-ish stuff today. First, Jacob has a new and unfortunate clumsiness issue. His coordination is still pretty iffy, so every once in a while he still does a face-plant while crawling. Sometimes it's just that he gets distracted, sometimes he just stumbles, and sometimes he overestimates his ability to balance himself. The problem is that he often lands on his chin, and now that he's got his two bottom teeth fully in, and no top teeth to stop them, a chin-plant means that he's driving his bottom teeth up into the roof of his mouth. Twice in the last two days he's bloodied the roof of his mouth, once from crawling and once from flinging himself while in my arms and knocking his chin into my arm. It's obviously very painful for him. I'd never thought about it before, how your top and bottom teeth work together to prevent that from happening as an adult. Funny how that works. But in the meantime, I feel so bad for him.

I am still being a bit tortured by trying to figure out what to feed Jacob. I feel like all of the suggestions out there on the internet for finger foods have all of these caveats. Some things are choking hazards if not done right, some things have an allergy risk, and others are just hard to prepare/store in baby-sized portions. Sure, I'd love to give him little pieces of chicken...but how well can he chew it and how long will cooked chicken breast last? Sure, cheese would be great...if cow-based dairy was ok for babies under 1 (though some people do it anyway). Strawberries would be great, but there's an allergy risk. Baking a potato takes forever, and even then he'll only eat a little bit of it. Is it worth cooking 10 pieces of pasta at a time? I did cut up some watermelon for him yesterday, and he did seem to like it. He's also addicted to Baby Mum-Mum rice rusks...he downs them like crazy. a little bunny. So cute! I also have no idea how much he should be eating right now...and that's making me crazy, too. I think a baby his age should be eating more, but it's hard for me to tell. See, I don't see him much when he's at his peak. That kills me. Apparently he eats solids great when he's at day care, but when I try to feed him at dinner in the evenings, he only gets so far before he gets cranky and refuses. As a result, it's hard for me to gauge if he should be getting more than what I'm giving him or telling day care to give him...because for me, he doesn't eat that much. I don't know if he's just tired, or if he's got something against eating at home, or he sucks too much air in when he's using his sippy cup and ends up gassy or thinks he's full. I'm just not sure. I feel like I should find a way to get home earlier. That way he would get dinner earlier when he's happier, get to bed before he gets overtired, but still have a little quality parent-child playtime. However, I'm having a heck of a time figuring out how to get myself into bed before 11:45, out of bed earlier than 6:30 and getting in to work before 9. Ugh. I just feel like I need my whole day to shift an hour or two, and all would be right with the world.

Oh, and have I mentioned that Jacob's favorite new toy is the canopy on his car seat? We try to shade him but he inevitably spends a couple minutes each car trip "readjusting" it, up and down and up and down. Usually he ends up squinting because he never gets it back up where it should be. Still, it's funny to watch in the rear view mirror.

Finally...the baby "wood" thing. This may end up being a controversial topic, but I still think it is funnier than heck. Ok, so this has popped up (no pun intended) before, but last night took the cake. Jacob was a little extra cranky during and after dinner, in full meltdown mode, so we knew he was probably a little overtired. It was a little too early for bed and he was cranky enough that I wasn't sure we'd get through bedtime prep without him getting himself too worked up to sleep. So, Craig rocked him to sleep and Jacob napped on him for a while. As it got later, we decided to get him ready for bed with hopefully minimal disruption to his sleepy state. Of course, we did have to change his diaper before bed. He was half asleep when we popped him on the table, and when I took off his diaper, there it was--a little baby erection. As I said, this has happened before--not often but a few times. I'd heard about it in the past, and did confirm via the internet that it's normal. Anyway, it was extra obvious this time, and it was even funnier because when I wiped him, he smiled. I'm sure it's just some weird, natural bodily response, like the random morning occurrence in men. Maybe he was dreaming about something great...who knows? I often wonder what he dreams about...because we can tell sometimes that he is dreaming. But with such limited life experience, what do babies dream about? Good things like food and playing? Bad things like falling and someone else stealing your toys? It must be a wacky little world in their minds, without words to put to anything or the consciousness of knowing the difference between a dream world and real world. So odd. Anyway, it cracked us up. He did wake up amidst all the activity (his regimen of medicines alone would do that to anyone), but he went to bed reasonably well right after and slept great. Whew.

Lots of stuff potentially on the agenda this weekend, from the drive-in tonight to maybe the zoo tomorrow and a party at our house Monday. Probably some errands in between as well. Not to mention that I'm finally getting around to taking care of myself....tomorrow morning at 10am I am off to the salon to get my hair done...cut and highlighted! I haven't had a cut since before Christmas and am dying to have it short again. I haven't had highlights in two years, either, and look forward to kicking things up a notch. I've just felt a little blah lately. Everything about my hair is flat these days--the color, the bounce--and a cut and color should definitely help! Let's hope all goes well and those chemicals are really as safe as they'd have us believe. I just want to get back to feeling like a cool mommy...minus the mom 'do :)

Hopefully I'll have an update or two this weekend, but in the meantime, have a great long weekend!

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