Monday, May 18, 2009

Odd weekend...

Jacob's weekend was full of some great highs and some frustrating lows. On Saturday he was really awesome in the midst of a long day. A bunch of family came up from NT, including my parents, and we met up with more family here for a trip to the Lilac Festival. We had a blast and Jacob was so good for the whole thing. He was a lot of fun to play with before and after, and other than some iffy eating he was incredibly good. Yesterday was another busy day, with church, lunch and some shopping. He was also pretty good through all of that. However, at some point over the course of the weekend he picked up this incredible screechy cry. It's loud and definitely gets his point across. We're hoping that the cause of the cry is just teething, and not something more like an ear infection. One of his two top teeth just broke through over the weekend (officially felt it yesterday) and the other one will be quick to follow. I can imagine that the pain is just terrible. He woke up twice overnight from Saturday to Sunday and three times last night, despite pain medication. That has not been fun. It's so odd walking into his room and having him standing up in his crib. It still scares me that he'll figure out how to climb the rail one of these days, fueled by one of his crying fits. After all, he surprised us all with his scaling skills on Saturday when he climbed over my dad who was laying on his side on the floor. He just hiked his one leg up and over he went! We still have one more notch lower for the crib mattress, but since I haven't seen him trying to climb or launch himself over quite yet, I'll just keep my fingers crossed. He's not that coordinated yet, right?

Anyway, he seemed to have these random, brutal crying fits from time to time...and we're definitely hoping it's just the teeth. He did just get over a cold, so there's always a chance that he's got an ear infection, but he isn't showing any other symptoms like a fever or pulling at his ears. Well, he always sort of plays with his ears...he's forever getting the hair behind his ears sticky because he frequently puts his hands in that area in the midst of a meal....whether or not he's got an ear infection. He's been on Tylenol on and off the past few days for the teething, but in between I haven't noticed any sort of fever. His cries have been very intense, though, so it's been tough. Usually he calms down pretty well once he's had some painkillers, thankfully. Too bad it hasn't helped him sleep much better. In any event, hopefully once the other tooth breaks through he'll get back to the good sleeping he's done in the past couple weeks.

The best part of the weekend was probably all of his oral/vocal acrobatics the past couple days. Well, it started Friday night. Jacob does this little shrieky thing (not an annoying shriek, but just this funny little noise) when he gets excited about's like a rapid breath in with noise attached to it. On Friday night he was doing it so much (seemingly about nothing special) that we were nervous he was having some breathing issues. He seemed fine, but he just kept doing it over and over! He's been doing it here and there for a while (so cute!), so I don't know if he just decided he liked it, or just noticed that it got a rise out of us, or what. It was pretty funny, though. Then yesterday he did the funniest thing. He started making a fish face (sucking in his cheeks and puckering his lips) accompanied by kissy noises. He just did it periodically during the day, and then while I was cooking dinner, he did it over and over. So funny!! I guess they've been working on the whole kiss thing at day care (yeah, that sounds weird...but you know, the puckering and the sound), so perhaps he picked it up there and it finally clicked and struck his fancy yesterday. He did it again right when we got there this morning and everyone got quite the kick out of it. Finally, he really seemed to up the babbling this weekend, particularly yesterday. Still nothing discernable, but we seem to be getting closer to "da-da" type sounds. One of these days he'll put two and two together and connect those sounds to us. And, judging by the last couple days, it will be completely out of the blue!

So, at least he's been entertaining in the midst of his sudden crankiness and sleep issues. Hopefully these teeth will hurry up and come in so we can all get back to normal. I'm still fearing the effect it may have on feeding (the tongue covers up the bottom teeth, but there is no protection from the tops) and I'm interested to see how it will change his look (I am so enamored with the two bottom teeth, but I'm sure he will look just as cute and even more little boy-ish with the tops!). Something new every day, I swear!

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