Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another cold :(

Jacob's had a rough week. When we look at him sometimes, we just see a "mess". First it was a couple lingering bruises from crawling mishaps (one under his chin and another under his eye). Then he picked up a new cold, this one with a really rough cough and a nose like a faucet. On top of that he's teething like crazy, so between having his hands in his mouth and tons of drooling, he's a mess. Our shirts have no chance these days because every time he gets near us, he's got saliva-covered hands and he wipes his drooly, snot-covered face all over us. Oy. Poor baby. Despite coughing a lot in bed, he's still been sleeping okay...knock on wood. He still has a lot of happy moments despite the cold, but he definitely downshifts into misery a lot quicker. Craig stayed home with him on Thursday because the cough just sounded miserable and I knew he'd be so clingy that he'd take up a lot of the caretakers' time, which isn't particularly fair to them or the other kids. His main caretaker is 8 months pregnant, so that's about the last thing she needs. I think we're on the back end of it now, but with the teething I think we still have some rough days ahead. I do think I can see this top two teeth showing through the gums just a bit now. It'll probably still be a couple weeks before they break through, though. I'm bracing for that on the nursing front. The tongue protects me from the bottom teeth, but the top teeth are going to be exposed and could therefore be pretty painful the moment he loses focus. He's still nursing pretty crappy anyway (other than the last feeding at night), so we're moving toward weaning anyway. I've been making an effort to work on milk in the sippy cup so we're prepared. He's doing pretty well with that, actually. Still a little drippy sometimes, but he's definitely getting it. It's a great way to get him to finish off a bottle these days when he doesn't want to drink it from the bottle.

He started Claritin this week and I'm eager to see if that helps him once this cold goes away. While it's supposedly not common for babies to show allergy symptoms this early, it does happen. Maybe that's been part of his problem all along. We shall see. For now we just have to wait the cold out. We were originally planning on making Mother's Day weekend in Buffalo a two-day affair, but we decided that it was probably smart to keep him here overnight because a change of scenery could spell disaster for his fragile sleeping state. Whereas now he'll wake up coughing but fall back to sleep, he might freak out in a less familiar place and be up all night. So we'll err on the safe side for now and cram tomorrow full :) Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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