Friday, February 27, 2015

Photo Friday!

Nothing better for a Friday than a few fun pictures from the last couple weeks...

The Thursday of winter break, Jacob's school had a fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese.  Most of the time I prefer to avoid that place like the plague, but when we have a reason to go there (either a birthday party or an event like this), I consent to a couple hours there, particularly because they have gluten-free pizza.  It comes in a special bag, so I know it's safe.  Jacob seems to like it, too.  We actually had some tokens and tickets sitting around from our last trip there, so I was actually eager to get them out of the house!  So off we went!  Jacob ran right off to do the sports games, and I tried to get Carter to ride on some of the little cars and play the other little kid games.  He was petrified of the cars, but finally sat in one for a minute or two.  He ended up liking the one little kid football throwing game, which was fun.  However, we were all sort of thrown off by (yet again) having other kids randomly come up and horn in on the kids' games.  I know some kids have better parental guidance than others, but I just don't get how inserting yourself into a game someone else paid for and is actively playing is ever the logical choice.  Our meal was fine and we had a pretty good time.  The one exciting moment we had was that Jacob ended up with a ticket to go into the ticket blaster.  It's 30 seconds of craziness with tickets blowing all around!  You grab whatever you can and they're yours to keep.  Craig took this great shot of him in the middle of the windstorm!

Before we left, Carter made a stop at his favorite game, a racing game.  He can't reach the gas, but he loved it anyway.
(And yes, once a little girl tried to grab the wheel from him as he played!)
Wednesday night Carter had an early bath so he had some time to play after he was in his jammies.  We were watching Scooby-Doo as a family and the kids were snacking, and Carter added a special accessory...

Those glasses came out of a kid's meal from some fast food joint, and he loves them!  Silly kid even wore them to FaceTime with Grandpa and Grandma!

Yesterday morning was my first in-person interview, and it was for the job I really want.  I felt like the interview went well.  I have an "in" there, they like my resume a lot, and the job really utilizes Excel, which is my specialty.  So many things about it seem like a great fit and I'm really hopeful I'll make it to the next round.  It's nerve wracking, though, because if I don't get this one I feel like I'll be back to square one...without the leads I had the first time around.  I was definitely nervous for the interview but I felt like it went better than I could have imagined.  I decided the day before that I wanted to book up the rest of my day as "me time", to either distract myself from a rough interview, or to reward myself for a good one!  One of the items on my list for this time off was to go to the Memorial Art Gallery here.  I've never been, even though I love art.  I did have a little taste of it back in September when I stopped at the outdoor sculpture garden/walk in between events of our friend Dave's wedding.  I'm glad I did it that day, because yesterday was no day to walk around outside!  Most of the sculptures are buried under three feet of snow anyway!

Anyway, my plan was to run to the local library and check out a pass for 50% off admission, then grab some lunch and head to the gallery for the afternoon.  I can a minor hiccup with lunch because there was no parking at my lunch spot of choice and I tried to find somewhere else.  Eventually I just settled on a good, hearty sub and headed off to the gallery.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  After all, I grew up with the Albright-Knox in Buffalo (remember my birthday trip there?) and they'd always had a lot of awesome pieces by very famous artists.  I don't really feel like I've heard much about the MAG's collection over the years, so I was mostly just interested to see what was there.

I headed upstairs first because modern art is my favorite and more of that was downstairs.  The first few rooms had a lot of old portraits, a few artifacts, and some wooden furniture.  The one thing I do remember hearing about the MAG involved the room in the picture below.  At the far end is an organ, and in the center is a fountain.  What a pretty space!

In an adjacent room was a very pretty Monet.  I actually have a soft spot for Monets like this one because in 8th grade I had to recreate a work of art and chose a similarly colored Monet that looked at a church tower.  It really is breathtaking to see the work of a master.

Back downstairs there was a stained glass window that was saved from a local house when it was demolished.  The colors were gorgeous, and I couldn't help capturing this detail.
It's hard to tell, but the blue glass was sort of rough and chunky...and deeper blue than it looks here.
One of the more unique pieces was a recreation of the famous painting "American Gothic" made entirely out of spools of thread.  Interestingly, it was oriented upside down, and there were glass globes on sticks in a stand on the wall to hold up and view the art properly.  So cool!

I love this close-up of a Hans Hoffman painting.  The colors are so pretty!
I'm pretty sure that my old orthodontist had a bunch of framed Hans Hoffman posters in his office.  Most of them looked like this.
This next one appears to be one of the more popular works there, and definitely one of the most vibrant!  The 3-D quality of this one was great, and apparently the artist uses no black the dark parts are just really dark versions of color!

I didn't notice the beauty of this marble statue (I believe she's called "The West Wind" until I took this picture.  Just look at the perfect swish of the skirt...done in marble!

This work was really amazing.  The fruit looked like I could reach out and touch it, and the tears from her onion cutting had a perfect sparkle!  Hard to do it justice here, but it was pretty!

This is the main entry courtyard at the museum and holds some modern sculptures.  There's a fountain and the glass roof, and I liked this shot because it shows a peak of an adjacent building on the property.  So pretty and a nice oasis on such a cold day!

What a fun trip it was.  It definitely lacked some of the blockbusters of the Albright-Knox, but it was a very pleasant experience!

After a trip to the gym, it was home for an evening with the boys.  I have to share this video because it totally captures Carter right now.  Here is his version of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"!  He's a little rough on actual lyrics, but he is just too stinkin' cute.  Note the hand motions, too...and excuse the sippy cup at the beginning :)

Seriously, he cracks me up.  So, that's what's been up here.  Another busy weekend ahead and hopefully some good news on the job front next week!

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