Monday, February 9, 2015

Long Overdue...

Okay, so as I was looking through posts from two years ago, I was reminded of something I never did do that I said I would.  I did remember prior to looking at the posts that I never did it, but now that we're hitting the two-year anniversary, I guess there's no time like the present!  I never showed you the final result of Carter's room!  The post talking about it can be seen here and was from the day the room got painted, just over a week before Carter was born.

I think the "after" post got lost in the shuffle because that last week or so was hellish and I'm not even sure how much I got done in the room.  And after that I had plenty of other things to talk about, I guess!  The room has remained mostly the same since then, with a few fun additions.  I just wanted to highlight some of the fun pieces. 

This picture looks a little cramped, and it sort of is, but probably not as bad as this picture makes it look. 

That chair on the left has seen lots of late nights nursing and lots of evenings of bedtime stories!  The rocking chair on the right was mine when I was little.  Jacob never really got into it, but Carter loves it.  Sitting on the chair is Carter's stuffed Figment from EPCOT.  Figment was my favorite when I was a kid and I figured since Carter had no opinion when we were there, Figment would be a fun one!  The chair rail border is the original crib bumper (my beloved Baby Snoopy theme).  My big brainstorm when Jacob was born was to hang it on the wall.  I did it again here and love it.  The blue table used to be a great match with our guest room, but it has worked well in the nursery, too.  Right now it holds the humidifier and an old CD player that we use for listening to some books that come with CDs.  On the wall to the right of the window is a crocheted prayer quilt that we received from the church for Carter's baptism.  Above the closet door is a gorgeous needlepoint of Carter's name.  We got a matching one for Jacob, too, and they were given to us by the wife of a friend of ours.  I'd never even met her, but I've known her husband since my day with the Amerks and she sent those along during the worst of our struggles with Jacob.  It was so sweet.  On the door is an alphabet thing that was once Jacob's.  The only other thing to note here is that the window only has blinds on it, but soon the blue curtains in the "before" picture will be making a return.  They're currently in Jacob's room (as he is far more sensitive to light), but as sunrise gets earlier, I know Carter will need some in his room.  He's getting the blue ones and Jacob is getting new red ones!

Here is the opposite side of the room.  The door (the vantage point from the last picture) is to the right of this one. 

Carter is sleeping in the crib, in case you're wondering.  I've still got part of the breathable bumper up on the crib because he has a tendency to throw himself against the rails.  The decorations above the crib are stuffed squares that match the Baby Snoopy theme.  The bookshelf was a freebie from our old neighbors at our old house.  It came at just the right time, when we needed display and storage space in Jacob's room.  It has been a godsend.  On the top shelf is the bear that Carter was photographed with every month during his first year, as well as a stuffed moose that my co-workers gave me as part of my surprise mini-shower.  Carter's bank is up there, along with a picture of us and the grandparents on his Christening day and a fancy Noah's Ark water globe he got as a baby gift.  On the shelves above there's a bear that came with flowers we got when Jacob was born, along with a gorgeous personalized cross from his godmother.  The other shelf has his baby monitor camera, a wooden moose on wheels that we got at a craft show for Jacob when he was one, and a beanie baby moose from his great-grandmother's collection.

To the left of the door is the changing table. 

The quilt above the table is the original from the bedding set.  Right at the changing table is a dollar store wall decal of a sea serpent.  I added the alphabet (another dollar store set) following the curves above it.  The clock in the middle is a Knighthawks uniform clock that was a season ticket holder gift a few years back.  I had a cool, modern white clock there for a long time, but it stopped working and the Knighthawks one is fun...and the first sports thing in the room!  The cross is a ceramic Precious Moments one and it was a Christening gift for Jacob, and it's too fragile (and probably to him, too babyish) to be in his here it stands.

That's pretty much it but I had to include this one because none of the other shots got a view of the lovely needlepoint from my oldest friend, Heather, that basically reads like a birth announcement.  Jacob has a matching one.  Someday they will no doubt hang together somewhere in our house, but for now they're in each boy's room.

So, two years later, there it is.  I love the blue so much because it is such a calming but bright color.  It's just clean and fresh and I hope it will grow with him as he gets older.  Absolutely worth what we paid the painter, too, just to have it done well and painlessly!

I also mentioned in the original post that I'd post pictures of Jacob's room, but to be honest, his is still a work in progress.  He's got fun sports bedding, a cool stair-step cube bookshelf, a couple of fun wall decorations (Knighthawks decals, a retro Topps baseball card tin sign, a wooden US map showing the major league baseball teams, a cool sign with his name), a soccer bean bag chair that he never sits in, and basketball hoops on both the wall and the door.  But it needs a little help still, so maybe once the new curtains are up I will get serious about it and post a picture then. 

But at least I've gotten this one covered...two years later.

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