Monday, September 29, 2014

A Welcome Distraction

While it would have been easy to stay in Buffalo right through the weekend, it was good to get back to Rochester for a couple days to take care of some things.  Craig was alone with the boys, obviously, and with his recovering from shingles, I know that wasn't easy for him.  Work was waiting for me, as well, though they were great about it, but I had to start digging back into that mountain of work.  Also, Friday night Jacob had a mandatory meeting for the upcoming lacrosse season, and since Craig had to be at the rehearsal for his good friend's wedding that he was standing up in, that was all me.

Saturday morning Craig had to get back to wedding festivities at 11:30, so we dropped him off and headed to Wegmans for the shopping trip I was planning on doing Wednesday evening, before the surgery craziness started.  We made it back home for lunch, Carter's nap, and Jacob's homework before I had to get ready and head out to the wedding myself.  Lori arrived to watch the boys, and I was off.  Things went relatively well, aside from Carter having more stomach issues (a number of icky diapers lately) and a low-grade fever (hoping it's just a virus working its way through), and him accidentally causing Jacob to fall off a chair, leaving a pretty nasty looking brushburn on Jacob's forehead.  But alas...overall things were fine and we got to enjoy some time away.  Of course, seeing as how Craig was IN the wedding party it wasn't exactly exclusive "us" time, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

The groom is an old friend of ours who we both worked with at the Amerks for years.  He now works for the Rhinos (soccer), but we still see him periodically.  He was in our wedding, and now Craig returned the favor.  Dave had a rather "interesting" experience with his first marriage and I wasn't sure he'd ever do it again.  But it seems he's found his perfect match, so we couldn't be happier for him.  The ceremony was pretty traditional, aside from the rings being carried in on a rugby ball, as that's what brought them together.  The reception, however, took place AT the soccer stadium, which was pretty cool.  Thank goodness the weather was nice and warm all day, because with all of the forecasts of the polar vortex coming to visit us in September, all I could picture was that it was going to snow.  But no, mid-70s it was!  Of course, by the evening it did cool down a lot, but we had a great time.  And I got a little bonus "me" time in between the ceremony and the reception!  Here are some highlights of the day...just because the pictures are fun.  I like my new camera!

As they were being pronounced husband and wife...happened to catch Dave's comical look on his face!

These paper flowers decorated the church and reception...each more than 6 in. in diameter, I'd guess!
My pit stop in between events was at the Art Walk outside the Memorial Art Gallery.  I've still never been in the gallery, nor had I ever been outside, but I'd heard about the outside works and really wanted to go.  It wasn't that far off the path, so off I went!
Everything was so pretty in the sun and with fall colors coming out.  I liked that this one captured the classic houses in the background with the funky chrome art.

I saw this guy hanging out around the tree and my zoom let me get him this close.  He was so cute peeking out from the tree, though the next shot I took was actually a little indecent.  He's a boy, by the way.

There were a dozen of these tiny little statues around the one section.  The bronze ones are only maybe a foot tall, if that.  They were in lots of different poses, but I liked the tiny ones in the foreground and the big ones in the back.  You can't really see it here, but there's a tiny bronze one chiseling away near the feet of the big guy in the back.

 I just loved the colors in this one!
There were more, but those were the highlights.  Back to the reception...
Yep, that's a double bobblehead on top.  And the cake was part cheesecake!

The sunset over the stadium wasn't spectacular, but it was pretty!

Selfie on the field!

The view of the reception from the field.  They were showing a slide show of pictures from birth to the present on the scoreboard, so everyone was out watching.  And the groom's nieces and nephews were playing!

Inside the tent was pretty--strings of lights, blue paper lanterns, lots of cobalt blue accents!

One of the centerpieces...cobalt blue is one of my favorites (as evidenced by the entire shelf in my dining room full of it)

The groom and Craig
Dana and Dave
Sunday morning we had to get up and out so we could get to Buffalo to see my dad.  We also wanted to get there in time to see my brother before he headed back to Portland.  We met him in the hospital lobby so he could see the kids, while Craig took a turn visiting my dad.  I ran up for a few minutes after John left, and then Craig took off with the kids to his parents' for a bit.  I stuck around until the discharge papers came in....which means, he got to go home!  Hard to believe he could go home just three full days after quadruple bypass surgery, but everything went so smoothly that I suppose they figured there was no sense keeping him there.  So, he's home and recovering there.  The kids even got to see him once he was home.  He's got a lot of limitations, but he's going to get through them, I have no doubt.  I think I've got one more post in me to wrap up that whole experience, so I won't get into it here...but it's been one heck of a week.  But at least it all ended on a high note!

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