Saturday, February 7, 2015

News & Notes, Buried in Snow Edition

We've got close to a couple feet of snow on the ground already and we're supposed to get another foot by Tuesday morning.  It's been really cold most of the last couple weeks, with the exception of a day or two.  The one day it was in the low 30s it felt like it was 50.  It's been that cold.  I'm grateful I don't have to go out in the snow much right now, but the thought of more snow is making me a little crazy.  The snow banks are getting high, so high it's hard to toss shoveled snow on top of them in spots.  It'll be interesting.  Funny that we're getting this storm this weekend, because two years ago this weekend we got a similar storm.  It happened right in the stretch run of my pregnancy...which, of course, means...

Carter turns TWO in one week!  I cannot believe he's going to turn two already.  Sometimes it seems like yesterday (or maybe only a year ago, if nothing else) that I was giantly pregnant (for me) and super uncomfortable.  Reading back in the blog from the weeks leading up to his birth, I marvel at how it all played out.  I was so sure he was coming early, but I still had no idea when.  I talked a lot about planning ahead, but it's so interesting reading it back knowing how quickly things would happen afterward.  It was such an adventure.  I just marvel at his newborn pictures and what a difference two years can make.  Even still, sometimes I'm amazed at how I feel like Jacob was so much older when he turned two.  I don't know if he was talking more, or my perspective is just different the second time around, or if the boys are just so different that it's impossible to compare.

His party isn't for a couple weeks so I can be in a bit of denial for now.  I have an idea of what I want to do for his cake, but I still need to figure out food for the party (whether to go easy with pizza or find some winter home cookin' option, since the usual dogs and burgers don't really work right now).  It's rare to have time like this to plan, but I'm a little nervous about getting overconfident and running out of time in the end.  Next weekend Craig will be out of town for Carter's actual birthday (and Valentine's Day), so I'm trying to find ways to make the weekend special while still saving some of the fun for Monday when Craig is home.  Singing, cupcakes, presents...hopefully a little of all three both days!  His birthday is such a nice little bright spot in the midst of the worst of winter!

Yesterday would have been my 9th anniversary at my old job.  It's still a little surreal that I'm no longer there, but I think the sting is wearing off a bit.  Of course, I haven't really made much progress in my job hunt.  I still have the three applications in at one place, and earlier in the week I sent my resume to another place.  I think right now it's more of a timeline thing than a lack-of-interest thing for the three applications, so I'm not worried yet.  I still have a couple more things to look into, but now that LinkedIn progress has leveled off a bit, I feel a little less productive on my kid-less days than I did initially.

Carter is saying a ton of words now, and he loves repeating words.  In the last week or two he's been getting better at phrases.  I love how he adds adjectives to words.  It's hard to explain his intonation, but right now he says each word with the same intonation so it sounds very robotic.  Picture an automated system that fills in words, and imagine how it would say something like "red car".  It's so cute.  He even said "I love you" back to Craig on the phone today.  Yesterday he counted, "One, two" to me when he had two pieces of a clementine on his tray.  He may not fully get it, but he did touch each piece with his finger when he counted.  I got all excited so hopefully he will continue to get it.  He's definitely in the terrible two stage with some of the tantrums he's been throwing, but he does crack us up all the time. 

Aside from his suspension, Jacob has been doing okay.  We're definitely dealing with a lot of backtalk and attitude, but as a whole we're so much more functional than we were even a year ago.  Sometimes he can be really great to hang out with, but lately he's been really fixated on a couple things and it's been tough to deal with.  He's constantly talking about his Playmobil guys and which sets he still wants.  No matter how many times I tell him that he's not getting anything until his birthday, he constantly pages through the catalog and talks about it.  It drives me nuts.  He's also been compulsively washing his hands.  We know the main issue that's triggering it, but we can't figure out why he's convinced that he needs to still wash his hands when the trigger isn't present.  He will wash every couple minutes sometimes, and he can't seem to help himself when we ask him about it.  It seems a little OCD, but I think it's just a temporary glitch in his brain that isn't unlike his tendency to fixate on other things.  Sometimes it's a positive-ish fixation (sports, toys), sometimes it's not.  It'll definitely be something we chat with the therapist about.  We also have to deal with the anger issues that caused the suspension, and we need to deal with the attitude.  He flat-out says "no" to our demands, and he likes to counter our ultimatums with his own ultimatum.  Excuuuuse me?  Ah, no.  Rest assured that we always get our way, but learning from experience has never been his strong suit.  I wouldn't feel like such a nag if he did learn, but maybe someday it will all sink in.  In the meantime I'll be banging my head against the wall.  Only because I love him so much and this all just kills me.

We've got a couple eventful weeks ahead so hopefully I won't be dwelling on the same stuff all the time.  In the meantime, here is a cute shot of Carter I took the other day, in my effort to get a cute, current picture to include in his party invite.  Enjoy :)

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