Sunday, February 15, 2015


Just had to do an updated version of our monthly shots from his first year!

Dear Carter,

I can't believe you're already two!  It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was very pregnant and very uncomfortable.  I could hardly do anything without thinking you were going to arrive any minute, but ultimately a fairly routine day at work turned into something crazy.  And as hard as bringing you into the world was (no offense, I swear it was worth it), going into labor was a welcome turn of events.  I was so ready, and apparently so were you! 

You've been the most amazing addition to our family and I feel so lucky every day that I get to be your mom.  Your "terrible twos" tantrums have already begun, but fortunately for you, I'm pretty experienced with that stuff these days so I'm probably far better suited to deal with them (and keep a healthy perspective) than I was with your brother!  But in between tantrums you are such a sweet boy.  You outgrew cuddling once it was no longer accompanied by a feeding, but you are the best hugger!  You've always projected such a joy, even from the time you were a tiny baby.  Your smile was contagious, and you still bring such happiness to everyone.  You smile at people wherever we go (though now you get a little shy when they smile back) and people are always saying how cute you are.  Don't let it go to your head, but they're right!  You are impossibly adorable.

In the past year you finally grew a nice head of hair, and it has only made you more adorable.  Your chubby cheeks are still hanging in there, thank goodness!  You also learned to walk and now choose to run as much as possible.  One of your favorite phrases, in fact, is "I run!"  You are talking up a storm these days. repeating as many words as possible and now using phrases.  It couldn't have come at a better time, since we're home together three days a week now (plus weekends, of course) and it's nice to have a little buddy that I can actually talk to!  You're a great shopping partner most of the time, so I don't hesitate to take you to Wegmans with me.  You're also still a very good napper so Mommy can keep her sanity pretty easily. 

I still marvel at how different you are from your brother.  You like sports, but you really love anything that has wheels.  Trucks, cars, buses, trains...they are your favorite.  You love pushing stuff around the house, including the lawnmower I made for you out of Tinkertoys since the bubble mower isn't too useful with three feet of snow on the ground!  You definitely find more dangerous trouble than your brother.  While he mostly whacked furniture with hockey or lacrosse sticks, you're more inclined to dig in cabinets and climb anything you can.   We call you "Hurricane Carter" because of how the living room looks after you've been playing.  Fortunately you love Duplos so we've had fun lately building with those.  But it's not uncommon for every bin to have been emptied and half the other toys pulled off the shelves by the end of a play session.

Your brother still doesn't like you all that much (sorry), but we're working on it.  Keep being your charming self and eventually he'll realize you're at least a good source of comedy.  You farted in your sleep last night when we were all in the same room and he thought that was pretty funny.  It would probably help if you stopped tackling him and invading his room, but I know you just do it because you think he's the coolest kid in the world.  I'm not sure why, since he barely gives you the time of day and doesn't treat you particularly well, but you love him so much.  You get nervous when he's not around and worry when you think something is hurting him.  You've called him "Brother" for months, but you're finally getting "Jacob" down pat.  It's sweet.  I hope someday you're best friends, but for now don't take him personally.

I have been lucky enough this past month to spend a lot of extra time with you, and it makes me so happy to have been able to do it now, when you're learning so much and haven't really learned how to complain.  Like I said, we do have some epic tantrums, but most of the time you're just happy to hang out and be included, so it's a pleasure to have you around.  There is never a dull moment with you.  Lately you constantly point to and name body parts (mine and yours), you're great with your colors, you love animals and their sounds, and watching you zoom cars and trucks around the house makes me smile.  Your bright eyes and big smile make every day better.  So many people love you and I feel so grateful to be at the top of that list.

Two years ago you were born as this tiny, hairy, skinny baby with a crooked little nose and coloring so much darker than I expected.  I fell in love with you instantly.  No matter how disappointed I was when I found out I wasn't going to get the daughter I so desperately wanted, I knew that the moment I saw you, none of that would matter.  Over these past two years, you've not only proven that theory correct, but you've made it clear to me that God knew exactly what he was doing when he made you my second child.  I couldn't have asked for a better kid to fill that role.  You are exactly what we needed in our lives.  Thank you for being such a cool kid.

We love you and look forward to many more years of fun with you.  Happy Birthday, baby boy!


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