Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sleep is for the Weak

I guess it was bound to happen, but for the first time since infancy, Carter had an absolutely craptastic night of sleep.  My star sleeper was up for TWO hours in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason.  And of course, I was flying solo...which meant I was up for over two hours in the middle of the night, too.

He went down fine at the normal time, but woke up around 3:15.  I went to bed later than I should have as it was, so I had barely more than three hours of sleep when my wake-up call came.  Him waking up wasn't completely surprising as he's still working on his last two teeth and I'm expecting them to pop through any day.  Usually he's at his worst right before that happens, so lately he's woken up a bit, but it's usually short-lived.  I wandered down to his room and rubbed his back.  He was laying there with his eyes wide open, and if I stopped rubbing his back, he'd either cry or sit right up, and once he knew I was there, he'd smile.  GREAT.  Wide awake.  I tried the back rubbing thing for a bit, but when that didn't work, I decided to bring him into bed with me (I know, bad precedent...but I had half an empty bed and he's not really a snuggler anyway, so I figured there was less chance of him getting used to it).  We tried that for a while, but while I tried to go back to sleep, he sat up and stared at me.  It was a little creepy, actually.

At one point Jacob woke up after having a bad dream so I had to haul Carter down to Jacob's room to check on him.  Jacob asked me to lay with him for a couple minutes, so I put Carter back in his room and laid next to Jacob for about five minutes, until he was back to sleep.  Carter was quiet at that point so I walked back to my room, only to have him start crying again.

I lost track of how many times I wandered back down there and what I did each time.  At one point I gave him Tylenol in case his teeth were bothering him, but eventually I figured out that he didn't seem to be in pain.  He just seemed to want company.  But that is a "no" at 4am, so after trying a little of everything, I was so tired and so annoyed by him being fine but wide awake while I was there that I just had to let him cry it out.  Sounds awful, but it was my only option at that point.  He cried every few minutes, and at some point I dozed to the point that the crying showed up in my dreams!

After letting the crying go on for quite a while, I tried one more round of time in my bed, but he just wanted to play and I was too tired to keep an eye on him.  I once again took him back to his crib to give him the hint that if he wants to be with me, he needs to lay down and go night-night when I tell him to.  He started crying again, and when I felt like he had to be getting close to tiring himself out (by this time it was 5am), I went in and tried rocking him as a last resort.  He's never really been much of a rocker unless he was already way overtired, but by that point I had to try it.  It took a while--a few minutes of standing, a few minutes of sitting--but eventually he was sleepy enough to leave alone.

I set my alarm for 15 minutes later, which was risky considering I had two kids to get ready in the morning, and snuck in one last hour of sleep.  When my alarm went off, it was absolutely horrifying.  I was SO tired and felt like I'd barely rested.  But I had to get Jacob on the bus and ready for picture day at school, so I had no choice.  I let Carter sleep as long as humanly possible, and other than the picture his teacher sent me of him trying to lift up the entire kitchen set that he knocked over, I guess he was generally OK today.

As a side note, he's been very prone to hitting lately, and he did bite a kid the other day, though I blame the biting on teething.  The hitting has been relentless at times.  And he's gotten pretty brazen about throwing his sippy cup and food at dinner.  We're very firm when reprimanding him for these things, but he just sort of laughs it off most of the time and doesn't seem to get it yet.  Part of me hopes he'll figure it out as his language skills get better, but I know how that worked out with Jacob so I'm officially nervous that my sweet, easy-going baby is turning into a little monster.  Last night didn't help.  God forbid.

I felt crappy most of the day because I overdid the caffeine a bit this morning.  Then I got home and got word that my dad's test results were in and they weren't good.  Turns out that he needs to have open heart surgery.  So...this is turning out to be quite a different week than we thought.  Keep us in your prayers.

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