Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Day!

This is a couple days late, but here is the requisite first day of school post!  Jacob started first grade on Thursday.  He was clearly nervous but he was doing pretty well, all things considered.  We made it out the door with just enough time to snap a few of the usual pictures...
Showing us his wild side...

The "nice picture"

My Favorite :)
 We made a deal with his therapist to work on taking the bus most days.  We have the right to drive him when the weather's crappy and we don't want to stand at the bus stop, but we're going to make a concerted effort to take the bus because sometimes it works out better for our timing...assuming we can get ready in time.  So...down to the bus stop we went.

I took this picture of him, and he looks a little pained, no?
Really, he was OK!
We took a selfie that turned out to be one of the best pictures ever of the two of us together.

While we waited, Carter tried to perfect his climbing-up-people he is on his way down.

Finally the bus came, and Jacob seemed to hope that it wasn't his bus.  But it was.  And he climbed up without looking back...until the bus driver told him to wave...

So far so good.  We've had two days, two bus rides, and zero communication from the authorities, so that's a good start.  He likes his teacher, he seems good with the kids in his class, and the homework setup (a weekly set of work, rather than day-to-day assignments--aside from a nightly reading assignment) seems promising.  Of course, none of that homework has happened yet, so Jacob's been in pretty good spirits.  I know that will probably change, but I keep hoping this teacher will somehow connect with him better.

I can't help but wonder how much impact our Disney trip had on him last year.  We were in a tough spot and the last thing I wanted to do was take him out of school so soon.  But after postponing the trip for Craig's mom's medical emergency, and then not going with the rest of his family (with our consent) because I was pregnant and we'd have a newborn for the foreseeable future, we had to get it scheduled within the original year window from the postponement.  We didn't want to go in the summer with the crazy heat and a new baby, so we had to go during school.  The first suggestion was the first week of school, which I immediately said no to.  But then the next week came up, we were low on options, and not wanting to be too picky about a trip we weren't paying for, I consented.  He went to school for two days, had a weekend, then went for one more day before we were gone for six school days.  Ouch.  Nothing like getting settled and then shaking things up.  He probably missed out on prime bonding time.  And with the Celiac diagnosis, things were definitely a little frantic when we came back.  Add in lots of late arrivals due to therapy and doctor visits, and I guess I can imagine it was hard to feel comfortable.  So maybe this was what he needed--a fresh start to truly get him off on the right foot.  Maybe he was just out of sync last year.  I know his issues probably go beyond that, but it can't hurt to have a better start.  And so far, it is a good start.

I should also mention that Carter started in a new room at daycare this week.  He's too old for the pre-toddler room, and they were finally able to re-open the toddler room that Jacob was in when he started at this daycare and the same age Carter is now.  Ironically, he's also got the same teacher, who has actually been the assistant director for the last couple years and just came back from maternity leave after having her first baby.  They're short on staff at the moment, so she's stepped in to handle the four kids in Carter's room.  He spends some of his time with the bigger kids (from about 20 months through the twos), which blows my mind a bit when I leave him there in the mornings.  Some of those kids use the potty, for pete's sake.  He's growing up so fast and I can't believe that this is the age Jacob was when we switched daycares.  Mind-boggling.  That kid cracks me up, though.  He's definitely got a temper and a determined streak, not to mention a penchant for drama, but oh, he's so funny sometimes.  I really need to take some videos now that I have my new camera.

So, it was a week of new beginnings around here.  I got to spend last night and earlier today with my oldest friend, Heather, who I've known since Kindergarten.  She hitched a ride to town with her father-in-law, who had some churchy meetings to attend.  We reminisced and she played lots of Legos with Jacob.  She even took Jacob on the carousel at the mall!  It was nice to have her here, as most of the time our interactions are for a few minutes after church on holidays when we're both in Buffalo!  And the fun doesn't stop for me...from one great friend to another on consecutive weekends!  Next weekend I go to Syracuse overnight for a concert with my college roommate Mary, my first trip to her turf since before Jacob was born.  The concert will be great and the time with her even better.  It will be nice to have a break from life at home, but I will definitely miss the kids and wonder how my boys are faring.  Carter misses me so much when I'm not around, and I do worry about that.  He'll survive, but I'll be thinking about all of them.  It'll still be awesome, though, no doubt...and hopefully I will come back refreshed.

Still a week of work (and school) to get through before that, though...

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