Sunday, September 21, 2014


It's been a weird weekend.  The two most important grown men in my life are both going through medical mysteries, and the two most important little men in my life are driving me a little nuts.

I started coming down with a cold on Friday.  We had to go out that night to buy a gift for a birthday party that Jacob had on Saturday, which led to a later night than we'd generally like.  I was feeling pretty crappy by the morning, and spent most of the day in my pajamas...and so did Carter.  Craig had been dealing with a weird rash for most of the week, and it got considerably worse by Saturday morning.  It started in the crease at the top of his leg, near his hip.  It got more intense, the skin near it started to go numb, and he started having some pretty intense pain.  He figured he could make it through the party, and then he'd go to urgent care.  He was scheduled to go to Canada for work on Sunday, so he figured he should get looked at before he could get to his doctor.  While they were gone, I snuck in a nap.  My mom called later in the afternoon to tell me my dad had been admitted to the hospital.  He'd had some heart racing issues, and decided he needed to go in--which if you know my dad, that is a big thing.  Particularly because they were supposed to leave today for a trip out west to the canyons.  The preliminary blood work showed some elevated cardiac enzymes, which indicates heart damage.  Still, there wasn't a clear cause for them, so they kept him in to monitor him. 

In the meantime, Craig went to urgent care and got the unclear diagnosis you'd expect.  They gave him some antibiotic cream but couldn't really explain anything.  The rash looked a little worse this morning and the pain was worse around his kidney.  So...he'll be calling his doctor first thing tomorrow.  It's a little concerning, as it could be an infection, or maybe a kidney stone, or who knows what else.  My friend's son's leukemia diagnosis started from a rash, and that's the first thing that popped into my head.  Of course.  We'll just have to wait and see.

My dad is still in the hospital and will hopefully get some answers tomorrow.  They can still make the main part of their vacation if he gets released tomorrow, but obviously some answers would be good regardless.  Obviously the timing stinks, though.  Seems like a trend, with all the issues Craig's parents had surrounding our trip to Florida.  Let's hope this is the end of it, no?

On top of all that, the kids were pretty challenging.  Jacob had a pretty hardcore meltdown Saturday morning for the first time in a while.  That was hard to deal with.  He still has some trouble listening and changing direction, which led to some general frustration this weekend.  Carter is definitely getting a mind of his own, too.  He can be so sweet at times, but then he decides that he needs to do something and all bets are off.  He must get into everything.  He must throw everything (including his sippy cup (every meal), his food, and anything he's not supposed to be holding or decides he's done with).  He's now getting in these hitting streaks and is trying to bite, too, which I blame on those last two stupid teeth that have been thisclose to popping through for days.  He generally thinks he's being cute when he's not.  It's all vaguely familiar, which is scary.  It's made for a very trying weekend, particularly since I wasn't overflowing with patience thanks to my cold and stress from the medical mysteries.

I wish I could have some happy ending to the weekend, but the challenges continued right up through the evening...when an hour nap by Jacob while Carter and I were running an errand led to an extra two hours awake tonight.  So tomorrow will be rough, no doubt.  And with some of the medical mysteries poised to be solved, I'll admit I'm nervous.  Life really has a way of messing with you sometimes.  Just when things are manageable, BOOM...they're not.  Ugh.

At least this kid CAN be this cute...let's hope this returns to the norm once those nasty teeth stop bugging him....

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