Tuesday, September 9, 2014

News & Notes, Sick Watch Edition

So...everyone's healthy right now.  Knock on wood.  Jacob was back to normal after a day of rest yesterday (and no more puking), and as of now, no one else is sick.  Yesterday I was concerned about all of us at one point or another, but we've come through unscathed so far.  Carter was cranky last night so I was concerned about him, I had a terrible headache that was probably allergy-driven, and Craig was a bit of a tired mess, but part of that was his late night Saturday (working in Canada) and then being up a couple times for Jacob overnight.  I think today everyone seemed better, but if this is a virus, who knows what the incubation period might be.  In a perfect world I'm hoping it was a virus the rest of us avoided, but it still could have been a gluten exposure...which is fine for the rest of us but sad for Jacob and a bummer for eating out in general.  It's scary to think that any eating out experience could knock your kid down for a couple days.  There's no way to know for sure unless one of us gets it, but as the week goes on, that gets scarier because we need to all be healthy by Friday.  Stay tuned.

I mentioned that Carter was cranky.  Oh, that kid.  He's getting to be a bit Jekyll & Hyde on us.  Not in an entirely bad way, but geez.  Don't get me wrong...he is still the sweetest, smiley child who gives great hugs and never stops moving.  He loves doggies (he will look outside as much as he can for them) and is getting really good at identifying body parts (thanks daycare!) and mimicking animal sounds (that's all me!).  He finally has an all-around solid head of hair, which makes him look so much older and provides that extra shot of personality when it's standing straight up at his cowlick.  (Side note: Of all of the things our two boys could share, did it have to be the crazy evil cowlick on the back of their heads?)  Anyway...he's developed a bit of a stubborn streak and a bit of a temper.  Part of the problem is that his internal clock is a bit off from our daily lives.  For example, by the time we get home he's hungry, so he's constantly grumping around at dinner time, trying to scavenge pretzels from the snack cupboard and whine for me to pick him up, only to beg to get down a few seconds later.  He will stand by his high chair waiting to be seated, regardless of how much time it'll take for dinner to be ready.  Last night I had to appease him with a few pretzels, but then he decided he didn't want his dinner and threw a good portion of it...which landed both on me and the floor.  Did I mention it was spaghetti?  I took away his bowl, but eventually seemed to want more (he was eating every stray piece off his tray and bib) so I dumped some out of his bowl and ate it, but I have no idea why the throwing.  He throws his cup on the floor almost every single meal.  I don't know why he does it.  If we yell at him for grabbing something he's not supposed to have, he either runs away with it or throws it down...hard!  He will often struggle when we try to get him to go somewhere he doesn't want to be, and getting him to hold my hand is a challenge when he's determined!  Still, he usually likes going to bed (per my comment earlier on his internal clock, I think he'd go to bed at 7pm if he could!) and he's generally happy in the morning.  He's adjusting to the new setup at daycare and is pretty good about leaving me...always with the sweetest possible "Bye-bye!"  I could just squish him.

Jacob's first few days at school seem to be going really well.  His teacher says he's been a good listener and did well on the activities they've done so far.  The afterschool folks said he's like a totally different kid.  I'm not sure if it's just the newness, or if this teacher just manages him better, or if things will get harder when the work starts.  We've also been trying to get him to bed earlier, so maybe that's helping, too.  Either way, it's really good news so far, and for that I'm grateful.  My hope is that his teacher sees the good side of him enough to know what she'll be fighting for later when things get hard. 

So....other than that we're just moseying through the week.  Since I have something fun planned it will be the longest week ever, of course.  Of course, when I have to start packing for myself and Carter (since Daddy will be traveling a bit with the boys as well), then it'll go into fast-forward.  For now I'm just relieved that Jacob is doing better and the rest of us seem OK for now.  Knock on wood, say prayers, etc.  Mommy time alone is a BIG deal.

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