Monday, June 16, 2014

Week in Review, Photo Style

Just some random photos from the past week...

Last Tuesday was the fan celebration of the Knighthawks championship.  There was a parade from the arena to City Hall for the (annual--ha!) proclamation, and after an afternoon of golf, the team gathered at a hotel downtown and fans came to enjoy the party.  They got pictures with the team and the cup, bought championship merchandise, and had a nice bit of closure on the season.  I took the kids down for a bit.  Carter was a hit in his Knighthawks jersey (complete with his last name on the back!) and his mini lacrosse stick

We also got a family picture with the Cup!

I took this picture of Carter looking out the window.  The sun was setting and the river is in the background.  It was sort of cool.

Jacob played a bit with some kids he knew, including his baseball teammate (their family has season tickets), and Carter got to see his friend Josephine, the daughter of a set of season ticket holders, who was born a couple weeks after him.  She outweighs him by about 10 pounds and has about two inches, at least one shoe size, and at least six months in clothing sizes on him!  She's always been a lot bigger, even since birth (over nine pounds!), but she looks like a toddler, for Pete's sake, especially compared to our tiny little peanut!

Over the course of the week Carter really started to walk a lot.  One day he just started walking more than crawling!  Even now he'll still default to crawling when the going gets tough, but he's doing really well! 

Sometime the week before I set off a bit of a debate on Facebook.  I asked a question about what people do for their kids who have winter birthdays (meaning, close to Christmas) if they find a gift they know they'd love.  I'm used to having Jacob, whose next major gift-giving holiday is only six months away or less.  Usually you can put it off for that long without missing an entire phase.  But with Carter, who goes 10 months between his birthday and Christmas, I'm not sure what to do.  Do you buy something and risk spoiling, or do you just let it pass and hope it's still something they'd like by then?  I just wanted to see if people had policies for that, or not.  Of course there was one side that was all for buying whatever, and another side that knows that kids have too many toys as it is.  I fall somewhere between, I guess.  It was all spawned by this toy that I've been eyeing up since right after Carter's birthday.  Since he's been visiting the big kid room at daycare, he's loved the shopping cart that they have in there.  I'm pretty sure he could push it around all day.  Well, I saw this toy that's a shopping cart that turns into a mini kitchen.  It comes with a few food items and plays music and has interactive modes.  If I had a daughter, she'd already have a kitchen set, but while I know they're not just a "girl' toy, I'm hesitant to do that with a boy.  But to have a mini kitchen that's in a cute other toy I know he'll like, well, that's better.  And to get it for $23 shipped?  Well, sign me up.  And, I'd rather have him using it for these next six months than to have it sit in a box all that time.  So, this time I'll risk spoiling.  I'll have pictures of that another time (he loves it, by the way--collecting things in the cart from all over the house), but for this moment, he was having a blast with the giant piece of packing paper that came in the box...

Saturday we had a busy day, starting with Jacob's Little League game bright and early.  I spent Carter's nap tackling our evil evergreens with the electric trimmer that sliced up my finger last year.  I focused on keeping two hands on it at all times, and I survived unscathed.  The weather was rather cool, which made baseball watching miserable and yard work tolerable.  That night we had to go to the Red Wings game for Jacob's Little League group night.  It was our first game of the year.  We got to go out for a parade with his teammates...
Jacob is on the right, baseball pants and all...

So handsome when he cooperates!

And we discovered he's a fan of the allergy-free pizza at a special concession stand there.  Thank goodness.  Carter and I shared a bowl of Buffalo chicken mac & cheese (no blue cheese and light on the hot sauce), and he loved it!  Despite how cool it was earlier in the day, it was actually a nice night for a game.  A few extra layers than usual, maybe, but nothing crazy.  We left during the 7th inning since it was getting late, but it was fun while it lasted.

Kodak's headquarters overlooking the field at dusk
Sunday we headed to Buffalo for Father's Day.  We had lunch with my parents and dinner with Craig's whole family.  Jacob played some baseball at both stops, and Carter just wanted to roam around.  I spent a good chunk of the weekend walking with him to make sure he didn't injure himself.  He's doing a lot of near-faceplants still, but no major injuries yet, knock on wood.  We got home rather late (these long days are deceiving), but the kids went down pretty quickly after naps in the car, and we were off and running on another week.

I worked today but took tomorrow off.  I'm going to a concert in Buffalo with my college roommate, who's coming in from Syracuse.  I'm going to spend most of the day cleaning the house, because it needs it and I am mentally spent from dealing with the mess and clutter around here.  It will be nice to get some things done!  Jacob's birthday is coming up Friday but his family party is still a couple weeks away.  Still, we have a lot to figure out before Friday!  School is over next week and things have just been generally busy, so life is just sneaking up on us.  We're getting into the throes of the crazy summer schedule, and I have a lot of organizing to do to make sure we cram it all in!  A lot to think about, for sure! 

I still owe you a video post.  Soon, I swear!

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