Sunday, June 29, 2014

Anniversary, Part 2

As promised, here are the pictures from last night's anniversary date.  I wish there were more, I wish they were from my real camera, but the iPod shots will have to do.  They have a certain charm, I guess.  So here goes...

Who knew?  Not sure I knew this until recently...

Craig posing near the lighthouse hole...

Stepping stones on the course...couldn't resist!

The one really unique feature of the course was that they have a chipping hole!  You put your ball down on a little pedestal and hit it as hard as you can across a grassy area to the hole.  It was fun!

Some of the course's charm...they had fake crabs screwed on everywhere!

They had a giant chair at the end of the course, and of course we had to get a selfie!

And here's Craig showing us the whole chair...
 Off to the shore we went, and as we were finishing our ice cream, we came across this giant swan...though I thought it was some sort of goose originally, but no, it's a swan.  I guess I thought swans were a little more feathery or something.
This picture does not quite do his size justice.  He was HUGE.  He had to be at least three feet tall, and his body was so strong.  I'm used to Canadian geese, and this guy was at least twice their size.  I would not want to be attacked by this guy.  Gorgeous, though...and he was grooming like crazy, so apparently it takes a lot of effort to look that good.

The sign at Marge's.  It cracks me up that this is right in the middle of an otherwise residential strip of beach houses.  I can't imagine living near here!

Heading into Marge's...festive, huh?

The view from Marge's beach...the sky was this cool pink color, and you could see the rain way far out into the lake.  It was so pleasant out there...I could have sat out there all night!
It was such a fun night and I'm so glad we got to do it.  Back to reality today.  It was an okay day, though the weather spoiled some fun.  I put on my bathing suit right when we got back from church, and I was going to do a little sweaty yard work in the 90 degree weather after lunch before jumping in.  Well, I did a little work, but then it started raining on and off.  The radar kept showing little patches of rain and the sky looked threatening so I held off from going in the pool.  I ended up taking a nap (the whole house did!), and when I got up it officially poured for quite a while.  So my suit was on all day and swimming.  Bummer.  But the kids were generally good aside from their usual shenanigans, so it wasn't a bad Sunday.  Luckily we're heading into a short week, but I do have to figure out Jacob's birthday cake so we can take it to my family's 4th of July picnic on Friday.  Did I mention we basically canceled his party at our house because no one could make it and everyone's schedules weren't meshing for a reschedule?  So we're doing a cake at my family picnic, and we'll figure out something to do with Craig's side sometime soon, hopefully with having everyone here to swim, as I know time with his cousins on his own turf is something Jacob would love.  A bit of a bummer, but I think in the end it'll turn out fine.  At least we're starting off the week on a good note...

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