Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Start of Six

Jacob has been six for five days now.  Sorry I haven't gotten around to the recap, but it was a busy weekend...as usual.  I had to go to bed at 11pm Sunday night because I literally couldn't stand to be awake anymore.  I got a couple decent nights of sleep the previous two nights, so I'm thinking my body realized how much sleep it was missing out on and got greedy.  I ate a lot of (tasty) junk at our niece and nephew's 12th birthday party (salt & vinegar chips! tortilla chips! fruit! pizza! TWO cakes!) and I think all of it didn't mix well and I had a very unproductive stomach ache--it didn't really do anything except annoy me.  And I was super tired, so I went to bed at a reasonable time for a change.

Anyway...back to the birthday stuff...I never realized it six years ago, but having a baby in late June sets you up for a good 13-17 years of major change when this time of year comes around.  Jacob gets a year older.  Then we go from spring to summer the next day.  Then the school year ends.  Add in our anniversary on Saturday and you have a whole lot of change and milestone action going on in these last couple weeks of June. Jacob's last day of school was today, and he will be going back to daycare for the summer starting on Wednesday, and he is SO excited.  He loves his teacher there, and while I'm sure the school district's option might have been cheaper, for the summer I'd rather go with what he's comfortable with and hope we have an uneventful, enjoyable summer break.  It will be a nice change of pace from the eggshells we've been walking on at the afterschool program for the last month.  Everyone at daycare knows him and loves him, so hopefully he will cooperate and they will have the patience of saints!

I'm a little bummed that he doesn't have any sort of graduation ceremony.  Based on Facebook feedback it seems that a lot of people don't see the need for it since it's full day now, but I still think there's nothing wrong with congratulating kids for making it through their first full year of real school.  It's nice to make them feel proud of their accomplishment and give the parents a chance to be proud, but I guess we'll have to wait until second grade when he graduates from his current school.  Still, the photo op would have been nice.  After all we've been through, this definitely feels like an accomplishment.  We survived!  I can't quite believe he's done, but that's another topic for another day.

Jacob's birthday was pretty low key.  He had school, which took up most of the day.  We opened gifts in the morning, and went out to dinner that evening.  We came home and had some cake.  I made up some cupcakes to freeze and keep for other parties when we know the cake won't be gluten-free, and I made a tiny cake with what didn't fit in the cupcake pan.  He blew out candles on the cake, and ate a cupcake.  I feel bad that it wasn't that exciting, but he did enjoy his gifts and there was a Kindergarten picnic that day (to which I sent in gluten-free pizza for him), so he seemed happy enough!

I worry about his expectations a lot.  He has a way of getting something in his head, exactly how he wants it to happen, and when it doesn't happen it can lead to a major meltdown.  Whether it's what he wanted to wear that day, or what he wants to watch on TV, or what he is getting for his birthday, it's always a little scary.  He gets a lot of big ideas, and sometimes we'll nip them in the bud right away, and sometimes we'll just say, "Well, put it on your birthday/Christmas list..."  He assumes he'll get it and sometimes we have to do some damage control.  This year we didn't have much of that (yet--he's still got another party to go), but we did have to manage the fallout from not having the friend party he wanted.

He really wanted a party last year, and it would have been a good time for it as a last hurrah with his daycare friends.  However, he got really snippy about the place and with all that ungratefulness we just scrapped the whole thing.  This year he brought it up again, and we even had a place in mind for months.  Then he started changing his mind, and then time became an issue, and the guest list was a tough one, too.  We're not thrilled with his friends from his class (most of them, anyway), and the daycare friends aren't easily accessible anymore.  We have his baseball team, but we don't know many of them super well yet, and the party would have been a few hours after a game, so the whole thing just seemed weird.  We may still allow him to invite a couple friends to do something later in the summer, but the whole thing is just a little awkward.  I'm hoping that by next year he'll get a better core of friends and he'll be a year more mature and things might be easier.  We'll see.  I feel bad, but sometimes you can't force this stuff.  Ever see the episode of the Brady Bunch where Peter throws himself a party and no one shows up?  I admit, that was among my concerns...that if he doesn't have any great friends and some kids just find him weird, what if...?  I'm sure someone would have showed up, but I'm hoping next year it'll be a little better.

Anyway, his party is Sunday.  It's looking like a rather small gathering, but as long as his cousins and grandparents are there, he'll be happy.  He went for a special birthday lunch and shopping trip with Lori after his half day of school today, since she'll be on her way back from London (!) on Sunday.  Still, should be nice to have everyone here.  The pool is ready!

Without further ado, here are some pictures from his important last few days...

This was the one gift he really wanted, a working scoreboard for his Playmobil soccer stadium that he got for Christmas!
He also got a book, some Legos, a soccer Smurf, and a bunch of clothes

He wanted this outfit a couple months ago but we couldn't find it when we went back to the store.  I found it online (really cheap!) and he was very excited to get it...so much so that he was breaking into it right away.

I got this hat for him in the same order, because he tried one on in the store and liked it.  It was about $3, so I couldn't pass it up!  I'm sure he'll find some use for it!  This is pretty much his usual demeanor these days...

I did manage to get a real smile, though!

Here he is with his tiny cake and six candles! 

Laughing hysterically at Daddy while we were singing to him, because Daddy was singing silly!

Now that it appears that Carter's rice intolerance is done, he can partake of our gluten-free foods...including CAKE!

Apparently one of the few characteristics they share is their eating habits!

Ok, I should have tried to make these angles more similar, but we were in a rush.  Here's the first day of school on the left, and the last day on the right.  I've seen some crazy changes in other people's pictures.  Hard to tell, but his face definitely looks thinner.  My baby is definitely growing up!

So, it's been an eventful few days!  More to come...

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