Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Photo Wednesday, Pretty in Pink Edition

I mentioned the other day that I owe you a photo post.  It's been a few weeks since I pulled photos off my camera and fortunately the championship got me moving, so now we have this.

Jacob got to play catcher in his baseball game a couple weeks ago.  He was loving it! 

I snapped this picture of Carter at the funeral home while I was trying to keep him occupied near the end of our first day there.  Did you know it's a state law that you can't have food or beverages in funeral homes?  Neither did I, but I bent the rules for dry cereal.  I think water would be the exemption, since there's a drinking fountain the sippy cup is legal :)

Another thing that kept him occupied was watching the cars drive by.  He just looked so sweet staring out the side door that I had to snap a picture.

And now for the pink portion of the post, per the title.  As I mentioned, Craig's Nana's favorite color was pink.  We all tried to wear pink for the funeral, and pretty much all of the flowers were pink.  You know me, I can't resist a good flower.  So, perhaps it was tacky, or perhaps it's just a nice way to remember Nana, but here are the photos I took...

When we got home from the funeral, the pink gerber daisy that I won at Craig's cousin's baby shower was exploding with blossoms.  It had only had a couple since I got it in March, and finally it had a bunch all at once.  This was the best one...

Also, as is often custom, we all got to pull a flower from the arrangement on top of the casket, and I pulled this pink rose.  I purposely pulled one that wasn't in full bloom, as I wanted it to last a while.  I took this picture last week, but it's still looking beautiful.  It didn't really open up any further, but it has stayed nice and fresh.  I took a similar picture (same spot, same vase) with a pink gerber daisy (a little lighter than the one above) that I pulled from the arrangement on my grandma's casket almost three years ago.  Seemed fitting.

So, I know it's not much, but it's something.  I have some videos I need to upload as well, so now I owe you a video post.  Other than that, not much to report.  We're all still pretty tired from the weekend but trying to get back in the groove.  Both boys napped around 6pm yesterday...Jacob on the way to lacrosse practice (he never did wake up for practice and Craig drove him home) and Carter on the way home from daycare.  Hopefully one of these days we'll be back on track. 

Jacob only has a few weeks left of school, and his birthday is coming before that...and I have nothing planned.  We did chat about his cake yesterday morning and since I refused to do basically the same cake as last year, it looks like we'll be working on a hockey rink cake.  I pinned all sorts of ideas on Pinterest, and I think it's doable.  He wants a friend party but keeps changing the venue.  With his sports and his cousins' sports, other birthdays, the 4th of July, and so many other events, it's always a challenge to plan the family party, let alone two parties.  I also haven't thought much about yeah, I need to get on that.

Carter is still undecided about the walking, but I catch him doing unprovoked walking a lot more these days.  It's almost like, if he's up, it's easier to just walk.  If he's down, he'll still crawl.  He also gives up pretty quickly sometimes, but I know he'll get there.  He's on the same timeline Jacob was, apparently, so I know he's close.  Figures THAT would be one of the few traits they share.

I guess that's about it for now....more soon!

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