Sunday, June 8, 2014

And the offseason begins...

One of the best parts of the Knighthawks winning the championship last Saturday was that the lacrosse season was OVER!  It's a long season to have Craig gone pretty much every weekend.  He starts going to practices in Canada in November, and now that the league added two regular season games and two more weeks of playoffs, it goes all the way through the end of May.  That's more than half the year.  Within that time there's maybe two or three weekends off, and maybe a third of the Sundays off after home games, but it's not a lot of time.  I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to accomplish things on the weekend with two kids.  It's a challenge, for sure.

So this weekend marked the first weekend of the off-season.  We grilled for dinner on Friday (complete with watermelon for dessert) and stayed in so we were ready for a busy day on Saturday.  I did buy a rather large HDTV for our living room online that night.  I'd been eyeing one up and noticed that Target had a better sale online than they'd had in the store for a while.  With the sale, plus 5% off with the RedCard, plus 2% cash back through a shopping site, it was a great deal.  So, our living room will finally be in the 21st century...once I get an HD cable box, anyway! 

We were up bright and early for Jacob's baseball game at 9:30am.  It's pretty hard keeping Carter content for six innings, but that time seems to work better than the noon or 6pm games.  When we got him home I put him right down for a nap because I wanted him to sleep before we had to leave for Jacob's 2pm lacrosse game.  The rest of us had lunch, but by the time it was time to leave, Carter showed no signs of waking up, so the boys left and we would meet them there if we could.  There's just no sense taking a cranky Carter to the game if he's going to be miserable, because I won't be able to watch the game in either I might as well let him sleep.  And he did!  During his 3-1/2 hour nap, I did a bunch of work outside, planting a couple of my parents' leftover tomato plants and doing a lot of trimming around our patio.  I still have so much work to do, including getting over my fear of picking up the electric hedge trimmer again after my incident last summer. 

Carter had just woken up and started to eat his late lunch when the boys got home.  We all got cleaned up and headed out for a dinner out to Jacob's favorite place, Pizzeria Uno, where he can get his favorite gluten-free pizza.  We had a pleasant dinner and stopped for a take-home treat from Dairy Queen (Dilly Bars that we kept for today). 

This morning we went to church (and made it there early for the first time in ages!) and made a couple quick stops on the way home.  We had a simple lunch that took a bit of an odd turn.  I don't know where my head was, but I accidentally fed Carter rice.  As you'll recall, he appeared to have a bit of a rice intolerance last summer, when he repeatedly threw up his next bottle after eating rice cereal.  Usually those kinds of intolerances disappear by age three.  Carter had possibly eaten some Cheerios with rice a while back, and he snuck a dropped rice puff from under a high chair at daycare without a reaction, but we hadn't tried anything major because the risk of a worse reaction than he'd had previously.  It's gotten pretty easy to avoid the rice stuff (I just avoid all gluten-free foods, pretty much), but for some reason it just totally slipped my mind today.  He liked it, too, and had eaten a couple helpings before I'd realized what I'd done.  Oops.  I was nervous for the entire afternoon, watching him like a hawk during his nap via the monitor.  He didn't sleep well, which wasn't like him, so that made me extra nervous.  He woke up whining after about an hour, and was wide awake when I went into comfort him.  He was up for a little while, and in a relatively good mood, but he still seemed off and very tired so I put him back in bed.  I think he rested a bit, but it didn't last too long.  I tested him out with water and Cheerios after his nap and he still seemed fine.  So, perhaps the intolerance is gone.  We'll take it slowly and see how things go!

At that point I had to go out and pick up the new TV at Target, and left a crying Carter in my wake.  I needed to fold down the backseat in order to fit it in, so the rest of the family had to stay home.  The pickup went pretty smoothly, and we had a pleasant dinner with our dinner leftovers from last night.  Once the kids were in bed, I took to setting up the TV, only to realize that we need an HD cable box to get everything fully up and running...but that means losing our current DVR, which has quite a few things saved on it.  So, we need to work through those as soon as we can!  But at least things are functioning right now.  Now I just need to figure out what to do with the giant hole in our entertainment center that no longer fits our least until I find a new one that I really like and feel like paying for it!

I forgot to mention that Craig spent a good chunk of his weekend trying to get our pool open.  It needs a couple inches of water, stair installation, and some proper chemicals beyond the gallon of chlorine he dumped in to clear up the green once the cover was off, but it'll be a nice warm week so hopefully we can get it functional before next weekend. 

So, I guess it's been a productive weekend.  It's amazing how things change with two parents in the house!  It would be easier if Carter didn't freak out every time I left his sight, but we'll get there.  It's nice to have him back, no doubt!

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