Monday, July 1, 2013

News & Notes - Fickle Finger Edition

Well, 24 hours later my finger is hanging in there.  It looks ridiculous.  It doesn't hurt too much, thankfully, and I feel like whatever pain I do have is more just strain from holding it up out of the way when I'm doing things.  I can type pretty well, and it turns out I can still use it to click my mouse, but it does get in the way of my scrolling wheel on the mouse and does make typing certain letters a little more challenging.  But I'm glad it doesn't hurt and I'll be happy to get this bandage off tomorrow and just use a nice waterproof Band-Aid instead.  It's just annoying to not be able to properly wash my hand.  I did manage to figure out how to pre-treat laundry, so that was a plus. 

Speaking of laundry, Jacob is still having his pooping issues.  He's been on Miralax (or at least the Wegmans generic of it--that stuff is pricey!) for a couple days now and we've had a few poop in the butt incidents.  I can't tell if the poop is now too soft, or if it's just making it impossible for him to hold it in.  He's insisting he doesn't have to poop, but we tell him that if that's happening it probably means he does, even if it doesn't feel urgent.  He does the same thing sometimes with peeing--he'll admit to a drip in his undies but insist he doesn't have to pee.  So...I'm not sure if it's him being stubborn, or there really being some sort of mental block there that he can't get past.  Either way, it's getting annoying.  Guess I'll have to add that to my "Jacob" list of questions I have for when I take Carter to the doctor on Friday.

We're definitely still having issues with Jacob's behavior in general.  I am making a concerted effort to only yell when necessary and keep my cool at all costs.  It's not easy, but I feel like if I keep calm, there's a greater likelihood he will, and he'll get the message if I do have to yell.  Even still, he will fly off the handle for no apparent reason, and he doesn't always change his behavior when I threaten to yell.  It seems like sleep helps, but no matter how early we put him down he doesn't fall asleep until he feels like it.  Ugh.  And he's been waking up extra early lately to play Legos in his room.  I like how he plays when he does it and leaves us alone, but I'd rather he be getting sleep.

Baseball practice was canceled tonight due to rain, and because of the holiday he doesn't practice again until next Monday.  He's insisting he wants to be a catcher, and he NEEDS a catcher's mask, but we don't even think t-ball uses catchers.  Even once they transition to coach-pitch mid-season, we're still not sure anyone plays catcher.  So even though we tell him he needs to wait another year or so until they give kids the chance, he's insisting he wants to do it now.  Ummm, no.  Weird enough that he already has a cup.  That's enough for one season.  Lacrosse starts in the fall, by the way.  And I'm sure he will insist he wants to be goalie.

Carter is still ridiculously happy...
...but we do have our struggles with him, too.  Despite being on two medicines for reflux, the kid still spits up a considerable amount.  Sometimes it doesn't seem to phase him, and sometimes he seems upset.  He's still growing fine and is generally happy, but it's hard to manage when your kid is constantly spitting up something.  His poop goes between watery and a sort of dry mush, but I haven't seen mucus in ages, which is making me hope that the sensitivity is slowly but surely working its way out.  Maybe in a couple more months we'll do a test.  He's been a little extra needy at times lately, but I don't know if something's bugging him or he just likes being held.  He's drooling like crazy, but I think teeth are still a while away.  He seems to have rejected the pacifier now if he's upset, which is a bit of a bummer when we need it, but a relief in the long run.  He's still sleeping well, eating contentedly, and smiling a ton, and those are the most important things. 

The 4th of July is coming up, and I'm pretty sure we're not doing anything festive...again.  We pretty much haven't since Jacob was born.  It's a bit of a bummer, but dealing with crowds and traffic late at night just doesn't sound appealing.  But I miss fireworks and all of that.  Instead we'll spend the day prepping for Jacob's party and the boys will probably hang out in the pool a bit if the weather's decent.  I have a lot of cleaning to do, and the usual shopping and prep work.  Jacob wants a baseball field cake, and I've pinned a bunch of doable ones on Pinterest to give myself a guide. It's going to be interesting.  I hope I can at least do it respectably.  I want to get a "grass" tip for the frosting, and I'm nervous about having enough usual.  But I'm looking forward to the challenge.  For now.

It's going to be a busy week, for sure...and in the meantime, don't mind my freakishly large finger!

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