Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five Months! (A Couple Days Late)

Hard to believe that Carter officially hit the five month mark a couple days ago!  I know he's getting bigger, and I know he's getting to be a more interactive little boy every day, but the fact that he's a month shy of halfway to a year sort of boggles my mind!  Here is his five month shot...

I've been trying to capture as many smiles as I can, because his smile makes me so happy every single time.  He is such a goof ball! 

I'm pretty sure teething has begun, since Carter is constantly trying to chew on things.  He's been a little fussy the last couple days, which might be his cold, but could also be teeth given the ferocity with which he attacks anything he can chew on.  His fingers, bibs, toys, or toes are all he needs...
I love how he sort of looks like, "Oh, hey, mom...I wasn't, like, sucking on this or anything..."
I caught this smiley face on the way back to the car after Monday's t-ball game.  He was finding the bumpy ride very funny...

When we got home, I finally managed to clean and assemble the Jumperoo, which has been sitting in our dining room for a few days.  Carter had tested things out in one at daycare that day, and really liked being the big boy in there.  He loved ours, too, and even got some bouncing in! 
Here's some video, though sorry it's so dark.  I just love his happy feet!

It's nice to have another way to entertain him, though we have to strategically avoid post-meal times!  He's been enjoying sitting in his high chair when we eat dinner, though, which has been helpful.  As good of a baby as he is, he likes attention and it's hard to leave him anywhere alone for too long!

He's just so cute, though, and I couldn't have asked for a sweeter baby.  I know we're probably heading into a tougher period once those teeth really start bothering him, but this has been a lovely time where he's happy and sleeping, so I really shouldn't complain!  Solid foods are just around the corner, too, which is going to be a whole new ballgame.  But his smiles and giggles will get me through no matter what...they always do!

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