Monday, July 8, 2013

In other news...

Our busy weekend is over and we're basically in recovery mode.  The only problem is that it's going to be another busy week followed by another busy weekend.  This week officially starts Jacob's schedule of t-ball every Monday and Thursday, and as a bonus, tomorrow is our night to work the concession stand.  I may do it myself and let Craig stay with the kids.  However, I still need to find a day early this week to get my stitches out.  In addition, I just found out today that Carter is going in for his testing (the same test Jacob got) tomorrow morning.  Awesome.  This weekend we have a birthday party in Buffalo.  There are possible activities going on pretty much every weekend for the rest of the summer, so I'm wondering if I'm ever going to have a lazy weekend around the pool.  Ha!
Yesterday we were supposed to go to a lacrosse game.  Craig's team (Hamilton) was playing a road game in Rochester.  About an hour before we were supposed to leave, as Jacob was finishing his lunch, he suddenly felt sick.  At first he seemed confident it would pass, then suddenly he got panicked and ran up to the bathroom.  I sat with him, though he forbid me to talk, touch him, or leave.  I did have to leave a couple times, once to get a crying Carter and a second time to get Carter a bottle.  He cried and seemed very miserable.  I felt so bad for him, but I couldn't help but smirk at a couple things.  First, the whole thing of not letting me talk or touch him cracked me up.  I know how he feels because I'm pretty much the same way, but seeing him be so set on that sort of cracked me up.  That, and how ridiculous it was that I had to sit there silently and yet could not leave.  The other thing that made me smile was how he was literally willing himself not to be sick.  He kept whining and saying, "Don't puke," and "I don't want to throw up," almost as if he was telling himself not to do it.  It was so pathetic but so cute at the same time.  He was insisting that I should take him to the hospital because they could give him medicine to make sure he didn't throw up, but I told him they'd only give him medicine like that if he had already been sick for a long time.  It took a good half hour, but eventually his stomach chilled out and we exited the bathroom unscathed.  No game, though, which was just as well since Carter probably wouldn't have appreciated the heat.
Carter is adorable as ever.  Aside from his penchant to spit up on everyone and everything, he's insanely cute and very happy.  He's growing, too.  I had been suspecting that his size one diapers were getting a little small on him, particularly because he's been pooping out of them almost every morning.  So this weekend I went out and got size twos, and believe it or not, they weren't even really big on him!  And he pooped out again this morning.  The kid poops watery, but still.  Ugh.  I am really tired of cleaning poop.  My hands are getting raw! 
He's still a very good baby, though.  Everyone at daycare says it, and I know it.  Despite the fact that he's sometimes extra needy and wants to be held non-stop, he's still such a good baby when it counts most--at bedtime and at mealtime.  He eats and sleeps like a champ, and generally without a fuss.  I'm sure that won't last, but for now it's amazing.  Usually he's not the easiest baby to leave for a few minutes, but hopefully once he's more into toys and can grab things easier, it will get better.  Yesterday he actually managed to grab the toy on his vibrating chair that plays the music.  That was a big milestone!  I brought up his high chair yesterday so he can watch us eat dinner, because otherwise he just cries.  I also brought up the Jumperoo, but I haven't cleaned it or assembled it yet.  I don't think he's quite big enough, but just in case, I figured I'd check it out. 
Jacob had his second night of t-ball tonight.  His skills aren't bad, but he has a hard time listening and paying attention.  Some of the other kids don't have his level of skills, so it will definitely be an interesting season.  I'm not sure how to manage twice a week during dinnertime, but I better figure it out quickly!
Anyway, here's a few quick pictures from the last few days... 
He may not be smiling, but I love this picture.  It's just sweet and highlights his big eyes!

Happy boy!

In the pool!

Quality time with Daddy!

I can't even keep my eyes open, so it's time for bed!  Ahhhh.

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