Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dream Baby

Yes, I'm taking the chance that I'm going to write this post and completely jinx myself, but let's face it--Carter is fantastic and even if this bliss ends tomorrow, I need to note for posterity that there was a period in which he was the most amazing, sweet baby ever. 

That's not to say that he doesn't have his moments.  Even just this past weekend I'm sure there were a lot of people around us thinking, "Shut that baby up, already!", but who doesn't have those moments?  I'd bet that we've had a heck of a lot less with him than most people have had with their babies. 

The kid oozes pure sweetness and I can't help but swoon every time I look at him.  He's got those bright (but dark) eyes, those amazing cheeks, and the sweetest smile.  He is just the most "chill" baby ever.  Yes, when he's hungry, he is HUNGRY.  He will not let up until you feed him.  But the second that bottle is in his mouth, he is completely content.  He gets a little cranky when he's tired, but a few rocks and usually he's off to dreamland.  I won't say that he's the most patient if I leave him alone, even with toys, but usually I can get a few minutes out of him before I come back, pick him up, and do whatever it is that I need to do with him on my hip.  And most of the time, I don't mind, simply because he's so content while I'm holding him. 

He is very smiley and has a great laugh.  He's very easily amused, which is fun.  He loves peek-a-boo, he loves raspberries on his belly and tickles in his armpits, and just a silly face will get him giggling.  He's just a happy kid.

But what amazes me the most is that he's such a good baby when you most want him to be good.  He goes to bed without incident.  He sleeps through the night.  He wakes up happy.  He's a very content eater.  For the most part he's been very good when I put him in the Bjorn for certain outings, or even when he's stuck in the stroller for a while.  When we went shopping at IKEA over the weekend, I practically forgot he was sitting there in the stroller because he was so quiet.  And there were a couple times I looked at him, sure he was asleep, but no...he just sat there contentedly checking things out.  He's taken amazing marathon naps at ideal times, like the morning of Jacob's birthday party or Saturday morning when I was finishing packing.  We've had so few moments where he has been out-of-character miserable that when he does have one I'm almost at a loss trying to figure out what might be wrong or what to do about it.  I've certainly cuddled him a lot, but I honestly haven't had to actively rock him very much.  He's usually pretty predictable, right down to when he poops and when he's most prone to spit up...which, yes, he does a lot.

As I was thinking about writing this post, I figured I probably could have done a similar one for Jacob.  Turns out, I did.  Right around the same time, in fact.  I do remember Jacob being a smiley, sweet baby, but I also remember a lot of tough times.  He did have undiagnosed acid reflux, after all, but I'm guessing a lot of the tougher times were once he started teething.  We have yet to do that, of course, so it's a little nervewracking to know what could be coming.  Even still, I feel like there's an element of Carter's personality that is just so much lower key than Jacob (heck, I'm pretty sure he kicked a lot less in utero, too), so I'm hoping that we're not facing a similar future with Carter as we're dealing with with Jacob right now.  Maybe Carter just seems that much more chill because he's such a contrast to Jacob.  I didn't really have any frame of reference when Jacob was a baby, but now I know how blissful it is to have a baby that isn't old enough to get into anything, but is still old enough to smile and do a little more than just lay there.  My time with Jacob is so exhausting, but Carter energizes me and keeps me smiling.  He's such a ray of sunshine.
Carter is working hard on sitting up right now, and it's so cool to watch him improve.  I see him trying to curl up when he's reclining somewhere (working those abs!), and while he's still lacking balance, he's getting a lot less wobbly when I hold his hands or prop him up.  I forgot how rewarding it is to see your baby do things like that, particularly when they're starting from scratch, you know?  Jacob obviously has a lot to learn in the coming months, and I am looking forward to that, but the simplicity of baby milestones is just so heartwarming. 
I tell him how much I love him at least a dozen times a day, and probably kiss his cheeks twice as much.  I just can't help myself.  I'm so overwhelmed with love when I'm with him.  Everything about him just makes me smile.  I love his chubby but muscular thighs, I love that he seems to have gotten my dark eyes like Jacob did, and I love the perfect fuzz he's got on his head.  His giggle is contagious and everyone at daycare raves about how awesome he is. 
I tried to weigh him tonight (by stepping on the scale with and without him) and I think he weighed in around 16 pounds.  It absolutely boggles my mind that he's so big and that he's nearly six months old.  It was only a year ago that I was barely pregnant and feeling awful, and six months ago that I was suffering through the horribly uncomfortable stage of late pregnancy.  I can barely fathom that he's here and that he's so awesome, let alone that he's already such a big boy.  I looked tonight at some of his newborn clothes and laughed.  He's fitting into some 6-9 month stuff now, and he's so long!  He was such a tiny little peanut when he was born, barely six pounds and not enough fat to fill out his own skin.  And now he's this increasingly strong, super happy little boy.  The changes just boggle my mind.  I wish I could freeze all these moments in time because they're going too fast! 
Here are a couple shots of him from Monday night at Jacob's game.  The first one was sort of an inadvertent shot that I ended up loving, and the second one shows his happy face.  I love both!

Blessed indeed...

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