Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Lego Store

A couple months ago we took a trip to Canada for a Knighthawks game. Along the way we stopped at a mall we've passed by many times (and stopped in once, as I recall) because--surprise!--it now houses a Lego Store. There's not too many of those around, and after Craig stopped in the one at the Mall of America on a previous road trip to Minneapolis, he was eager to take Jacob to one. We also went to one in Florida when I was pregnant, and admittedly, they're pretty darn cool. The one in Canada was a far cry from Orlando's, since a little mall store can't compete with this:

We ended up not buying anything in Canada since we figured we could get it cheaper somewhere in the states.  Still, the place just oozes fun.  Consequently, a few months ago when we got word that Rochester was getting its own Lego store, we were pretty happy to hear it.  It opened up a few weeks ago and Craig happened to visit the mall (on the other side of town) shortly after.  He picked up a flier, and we were intrigued by one of the store opening specials.  Each day of the grand opening weekend had a special if you spent $35--Friday was a free shirt, Sunday was a set of three minifigures, and Saturday was, in my opinion, the best--a free building kit of a miniature Lego store!  There were also other events as part of the opening, so we penciled it on the calendar.

Since the store had been open for a while, I was hoping the opening events wouldn't be too crazy.  Still, we planned to get there right around when the mall opened.  And as we arrived in the center court at 10:15, the line was wrapped halfway around it.  NOOOOOO.  Still, we dutifully got in line and hoped for the best.  We chatted with the mom in front of us (her kids ended up getting interviewed by the news) and the line moved steadily but never quickly enough.  It was challenging managing Jacob, but we did what we could.  I even walked him over to the building event (separate chaos from getting into the store) while Craig waited.  I also ran into a friend of mine from college who was there with his son.  It took a little over an hour, but we finally we got into the store, relieved to hear they still had some of the special kits.  Our plan was to buy gifts for some upcoming birthdays, and believe it or not, Jacob came home empty-handed.  Well, we did get the special kit, as well as a special Buzz Lightyear brick thanks to a special postcard we got in the mail.  He'll get plenty for his birthday, I'm sure, so I wasn't in a rush to buy him anything, especially since we've been having some behavior issues, again.  Had he listened better at any point in the previous 48 hours or so, I might have been a little more willing to supplement his collection further.

Anyway, here's the photo documentation of the adventure:
Jacob with Buzz's head...I'm guessing that's the actual head they put on the 8-foot one they built this weekend.  Impressive.

You can't beat a giant minifigure.

What a nice picture!  Of course, this is five seconds before he turned around and started climbing it.  Awesome.

Post-shopping and lunch, Daddy went to work and Jacob and I went to build blocks for the giant Buzz!

I was trying to get a picture of him with our two finished blocks, but ended up with this one instead.  I kinda like it.

With the master builder and a scaled down version of Buzz...

And the part of Buzz that was done when we left...
We had a very busy day and Jacob took a nice, long nap when we got home.  I exhausted myself further with some yardwork and then went in to wake him up (naps that go past 5pm are problematic, even with a late night ahead of us).  We were highly entertained by a visitor in our yard (more on that soon), played outside a bit, and then headed off to the Knighthawks game.  They won, and clinched a home playoff game next Friday.  Woohoo--one less roadtrip for Craig! 

Morning came all too early today, and thanks to Jacob's wonky sleep schedule all weekend, he was a crazy kid for a good portion of it.  I told him we could put together the mini Lego store today, but when the time came he wasn't that into it.  He did help a bit, but I think he's used to building a bit more organically with Daddy and the instructions weren't his cup of tea.  The boys are still working on their lacrosse arena, and here's a photo update:
The stands are in the lower right, the press box is in the upper center, benches are to the right of the press box, and to the right of that is the new team store (more on that in a second) and the ATM.  There are lines, plexiglass, working doors, and more.  Craig tried to add a concession stand this afternoon, but Jacob vetoed it when he was trying to build his kids zone. In the end that didn't really happen, either but you can see the construction guys in the lower left preparing for changes.  Yeah, it's crazy.
So, the team store is the mini Lego store we got.  Why not, right?  Here's the finished product:
It looks very cool and modern on the outside.  There are skylight-looking things on the top, ornamental trees on the sidewalk out front, colorful displays in the window, and tiny door handles.  The windows wrap around the sides, too.  Under the roof, there's a couple clear round blocks surrounded by yellow blocks that are reminiscent of the real light fixtures in the store.
I took off the top and part of the front to get this shot.  In the front is a display case on the left, and the same "giant" block Jacob got his picture taken with on the right.  Further back is a service counter with another display (I think) and a cash register.  The shelves on the sides are complete with circle portholes (you can just see them on the second row up), which the real store has with built models on display inside.  The back wall of the store is made up of circular bins full of blocks that you can pick and choose from, and you can see those represented here.  It's pretty stinkin' cute.
So, Jacob may not have been super impressed (with the mini store or Mommy's building skills), but to be honest, it was a fun little adventure despite some iffy moments.  I'm glad we did it.  If I would have overthought it we probably never would have gone, but I'm thankful we went and stuck it out.  Parenting is funny like that.

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