Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This Week in Blog History (plus a bonus video!)

Since I can't seem to formulate any other thoughts to expound on, I'll take the opportunity to start what I hope will be a periodic series here...this week in blog history!  I now have over four years to recount, so let's see where we've been:

2008 - I had just had my car accident, which totaled my first car.  It happened the week of my first baby shower, so it made for a tricky week.  Craig had to drive me to a doctor's appointment and got to hear the baby's heartbeat and feel around my belly, which was certainly more than he bargained for.  I pondered if getting a haircut would make it feel like a mom 'do, or if getting a new car would leave my old car as a symbol of my pre-baby life.  I looked forward to my shower, and ended up with some amazing gifts and a lovely time with my family.

2009 - We were dealing with some random sleep problems for Jacob, which looking back on it was probably just another round of teething.  Sleep was rare and we were exhausted!  He had also been diagnosed with eczema, which turned out to be pretty much a non-event, thank goodness.  After a conversation with a father-to-be friend of mine, I looked back on my labor experience and wondered how I might do it differently next time.  I still wonder about that, for that matter!  I recounted a very busy weekend that included Jacob's second-ever baseball game, a trip to the zoo, and outdoor dinner by the lake.  I discussed God's wisdom in preventing human babies from getting mobile as quickly as animal babies, which is funny to look back on in light of a picture my cousin posted on Facebook yesterday of a new foal that was born on her family's farm.  Amazing how it was up and walking, but thank goodness human babies have to wait until they start controlling their bodies and understanding the word "no" just a little better.  Finally, I took one of my favorite accidental pictures--a picture of a tulip in our yard with Jacob's and my shadow silhouetted on the house's foundation behind it.  Love it to this day.

2010 - We were still settling in from our move nearly a month earlier, but managed to get the house in decent shape before welcoming some guests--my parents friends, their daughter, and her son Colin, who's just a couple months younger than Jacob.  It was fun watching the boys finally run around together and talk just a little bit!  We'd just purchased our potty, which means we have had that thing sitting in our bathroom for two years now.  I'm ready to hide it and make Jacob start using the big potty, just because I know he can.  I discussed how Jacob really is just a small person, in how some of the behaviors I don't understand at first are actually no different than how I handle things as an adult...from sleeping to not wanting to eat certain foods, we all have our moments.  We had another hectic weekend, where we went to Jacob's little friend Angelica's birthday party (she turned 4 last week!), and had a great time at the zoo with Lori.  I still look back fondly on that day!

2011 - This week last year was Easter week.  I dealt with the difficulty of talking to Jacob about death in the context of Good Friday, and had a blast with him in pleasant weather on Holy Saturday, despite the fact that my mom had to spend the whole day at the hospital with my grandma, who was really starting to go downhill.  We had a nice Easter, though.  That week we took Jacob to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time.  The boys have been back since, but I've managed to avoid it!  It definitely wasn't my favorite place to spend an evening, but I'm sure we'll have to do it again soon.  Jacob's been asking.  A year ago I also attempted to get treatment for my lack of smell, which ended up not working.  I haven't given up hope, but it's been another year without two very important senses.  I also blogged about one funny experience when Jacob and I had to dash through the rain to our car, and while I was freaking out, he was laughing.  And I needed that!  That was just one of the little elements of Jacob's personality that was just starting to emerge.  We've seen a LOT of personality come out in the last year, that's for sure!

It's amazing to look back on how far we've come in four years. 

Speaking of that...check out this video from Easter weekend this year, when Jacob was giving his golf clubs their first workout of the season.  Kid's got some talent...or maybe I'm just used to my lack thereof...

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