Sunday, April 1, 2012

That's a new one...

I'll post more about this weekend soon, but I wanted to post a quick one to commemorate a funny "first" we had today.  And here I thought the fun milestones were all done...

Tonight we had a pretty horrible dinner experience with Jacob.  Yesterday he gave us trouble with meals all day and he woke up this morning very hungry.  Breakfast was ok and lunch actually went well today, but dinner was awful.  He wolfed down his main course (my special pierogies--Mrs. T's cooked my own special way), but wouldn't touch his side dishes, Stove Top and broccoli, both of which he normally eats fine.  I wasn't content to let him just hop down without eating them, so I drew a line in the sand and pretty much said we'd sit there until bedtime.  He freaked out for a while, complaining about one thing or another, and then finally seemed resigned to it and started eating.  I gave him the deal of only having to eat three more bites of broccoli and two more of the stuffing before he could get up, but no treats.  He didn't really like that since we had just come home from Wegmans with three small bags from the bulk department--jelly beans, malted robin eggs, and gummy bunnies.  So, the new deal was two bites of stuffing and ALL of his broccoli in exchange for some treats.  I settled on three jelly beans and a robin egg.  He had completely screamed his guts out for a good 15 minutes or more, so that was all he would get. 

As he sat there slowly but surely finishing his broccoli, he counted on his fingers, "one, two, three jelly beans...and one robin egg..." then came to the conclusion that that combination equaled four treats!  His first math problem!  Unprompted, uncoached, totally on his own.  He's a good counter, most of the time, but I was impressed that he put it together that the two groups could be combined into one total.  That was sort of cool to see the light bulb go on, and I was grateful to catch this random little milestone. 

Let's hope he's a brilliant mathematician someday, and this is where it all began. :)  (Of course, he did turn himself very blue while eating it, so he's got a little work to do in other areas...)

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