Sunday, April 8, 2012

Boy of Many Sports

Jacob wanted to spend all of Holy Saturday outside.  It was sunny and just warm enough to be outside without a real coat.  A hoodie was sufficient and the sun was glorious!  He was excited to get outside and play with his golf clubs, which live at Grandma and Grandpa's.  Here he is in the kitchen, ready to go out...
It took a little reminding, but Jacob got back into the "swing" of things...

He was back in some bad habits, but he still got off some great shots.  And then it was off to baseball...
Perfecting his stance...
 Baseball was short-lived and then it was time for lacrosse!
Where did this big boy come from?!

Jacob absolutely cracked us up when he later insisted on playing referee while we played lacrosse.  Let's just say his referee skills aren't too great, as he called timeouts immediately after faceoffs and called "no goal" on perfectly legit goals!  Such a silly boy sometimes.

Jacob is much more likely to pose for pictures when he's doing something he enjoys.  He was full of smiles today so I got a few good ones, but this one was a lucky catch since I had my camera handy.

He was destroying a daffodil in this picture, but isn't he looking adorable while doing it?  We failed at getting a picture of him looking cute holding it nicely, so this will have to do!

He absolutely loved being outside, and did not want to go back in!  Thank goodness for's the best thing the Easter bunny could bring!

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