Friday, February 10, 2012


It's been a weird week.  Jacob's been sick--starting with awful congestion and a cough, culminating in the diagnosis of an ear infection on Wednesday.  He was whiny and we were worried the strep throat plague in his day care room might have struck again, but in the end the doctor diagnosed an early ear infection and said that the antibiotics would take care of anything else.  He missed one day of day care since he was coming off a fever and we couldn't get a doctor's appointment until midday, and we split the day to care for him.  He got to go back in time for a bowling field trip Thursday.  He loved it, of course.

I, on the other hand, took off for Buffalo to go to the funeral of my great uncle.  He had been suffering with cancer for a while, and while in the end his passing was a blessing, the world lost a vibrant, loving, amazing family man.  He leaves as his legacy a fantastic family full of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  He's the younger brother of my grandma, who passed away over six years ago.  The funeral was lovely.  There were great recollections of Uncle Carl's life from a past minister/longtime friend and his current minister, and a reading of a touching letter he wrote a few years ago.  It was evident that his life revolved around his faith and his family, and while there's great joy that he's in heaven, it's apparent that his earthly family will miss him greatly.  Despite the circumstances, it was great to see some family, see some pictures, and hear some stories.  To me, that's always the silver lining of a very dark cloud. 

Today it was back to normal...other than the fact that Craig was off this evening to Buffalo in preparation for an early flight to Minneapolis for a Knighthawks game.  This is always one of his favorite trips, for a few reasons.  First, Minnesota is the home of Peanuts gang, so random character statues are scattered around town.  Second, Craig loved the Minnesota North Stars until they moved to Dallas in the early 90s, and the trip sometimes affords him the opportunity to scope out retro North Stars merchandise.  Finally, they usually stay somewhere relatively close to the Mall of America and any trip there is an adventure.  Craig is extra excited to go this time because he wants to go to the Lego Store.  Craig has been loving Jacob's enjoyment of his old Legos, and he's hoping to have the opportunity to make a custom mini-figure to bring back to Jacob.  It remains to be seen if he'll get it right away, but it's a fun opportunity nonetheless.

The one bummer from today is that Jacob is feeling the effects of his antibiotics.  Normally he doesn't have any ill-effects from amoxicillin, but this time he's on something more powerful, and it's taking its toll.  I got a call midday that he had some diarrhea this morning, and this afternoon when I got there, he had a bag of clothes in his cubby.  It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but let's just say that I'm nervous enough to keep him in a pull-up this weekend.  I need to get him some yogurt like the doctor suggested, and gave him a mini yogurt smoothie with dinner tonight.  He still had another round tonight--thankfully very well controlled--but we'll have to keep working on it and hope it gets better. 

So, here we are with a weekend alone.  We don't have many plans, which is probably good considering his health issues, but we'll probably still try to hit up an indoor soccer game Sunday (we have to skip nap...yikes!) following Jacob's first time at Sunday school, which I hope goes off without a hitch.  I hope to grab a meal out tomorrow and maybe do a little shopping, but we'll probably keep things low key.  I'm hoping I can be at least a little productive with some little projects--filing, getting ready for tax season, balancing my checkbook, cleaning--but we'll see how Jacob's schedule and my motivation level cooperate.  Speaking of which, time to work on one element of my to bed!

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