Monday, February 6, 2012


I feel like such a slacker lately.  I haven't wanted to drag myself off my chair to grab my camera and pull photos off to post.  To be fair, I knew I didn't have any masterpieces, so perhaps the motivation had to do with the quality of the pics rather than complete laziness.  We're in a bit of a "dead zone" right now, which happens once in a while.  We don't have much going on, and as a result most of my photo ops happen to look pretty much the same--Jacob playing sports or watching sports.  Not that they're not special, but I like to have some variety. 

Anyway, two weekends ago when we were in Buffalo, I took a couple pictures of Jacob playing with my brother's beloved Legos.  John's collection was rather large, and I figured Jacob would get a kick out of it.  He's been playing a lot with Craig's Legos (to the point that Craig has been adding to his collection), and I thought it might be fun to see John's collection again myself.  Jacob enjoyed seeing some different pieces and playing with them himself.
Grandma got into the act, too!

Having fun!
This past weekend we went to the Knighthawks game (they won!) and I snapped a few pictures of Jacob in the seats.  Nothing exciting, but funny and cute nonetheless...
Watching...and I think being a little silly since he knew I had the camera

So silly...but how sweet does he look?

I love pictures where his dimple is making an appearance.  My sweet boy...
We had fun at the game but didn't stick around for post-game action on the field.  Lori came with us, and since she's been through hell health-wise lately, we didn't want to push it.  And really, it's never a bad thing to get Jacob home and in bed sooner.  He's had a few opportunities to hang out on the field, and since we got reprimanded last time because Jacob was throwing his ball against the boards (no playing allowed on the field postgame), there wasn't a lot of motivation to stay. 

Sunday we did church and I officially signed Jacob up for Sunday School.  I had been holding off because of potty training, and once he seemed to be pretty much trained around the holidays, we just had to get around to it.  I finally remembered this weekend after church, and we got to meet his teacher.  He wasn't convinced at first, but after running around with the teacher's daughter and discovering that there were some musical instruments there, he seemed more open to the idea.  I opted to sign him up for the session that's during the church service we usually go to.  He's been better in church lately.  He'll play mostly quietly with his action figures, with just a couple moments where we need to shush him or threaten to take away toys or other privileges.  However, I think that two hours is a lot to ask of him at this point.  He'll go to Sunday School while we're at church, which I think is good for both parties.  We'll get to pay attention, and he'll get to learn about Jesus in a very age-appropriate way.  I think he'll enjoy the experience--new friends, new adventures, new songs, new stories--and it'll be cool to have him come home talking about Bible stories and helping us relive our youth.  Someday I would like him to do both church and Sunday School, once he's at an age where he can benefit from both and more easily dedicate two hours' worth of his attention span to the cause.  How soon that time comes may also have something to do with another baby and how full our hands are on that front.  Still, I think it will be fun for him and I'm excited for him to start. 

We had a quiet evening at home to watch the Superbowl, complete with pizza and cocoa krispie treats that I themed to look a bit football-ish.  The big party we usually go to was canceled for this year due to the failing health of the host's mother.  It wasn't the same, as we have fun seeing our friends and getting reacquainted with the folks we see there each year.  The bright side was that we took in a lot less calories, didn't have to struggle to keep Jacob occupied, and got him to bed early (after a non-existent nap)...but the commercials aren't quite as funny without other people to watch them with, and the food and good company were certainly missed.

We have a couple weeks to kill before a very busy and hopefully fun week later in the month.  A three day week and back-to-back three day weekends sound pretty awesome by themselves, let alone adding in a trip to Toronto and hopefully going to Craig's mom's annual Mardi Gras fundraiser.  But in the meantime, Jacob has another cold (that we're hoping isn't just strep in disguise) and there's plenty of work for me and another roadtrip for Craig coming up (Minnesota this time).  No wonder I want to slack.  And speaking of which, I'm tired.  Off to bed...     

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