Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jacob is Famous

Last weekend Craig took Jacob to the arena for the morning on game day.  They got a little time on the field and then spent some time in the locker room and checking out the morning shoot-arounds.  Jacob savors his time to freely play on real fields (no matter the sport), so it was a dream come true for him.  He's constantly asking when he can play on the Red Wings' (baseball), Rhinos' (soccer), or Rattlers' (outdoor lacrosse) fields, but of course none of those are Craig's teams so it might be a little challenging to get the freedom to use those fields as he'd like.  He's rapidly outgrowing our living room as his personal playing field, and the weather isn't nice enough to go apparently he's just dreaming of something better.  Way better.

Seeing an opportunity on one of the few game days where other things weren't clogging up the arena schedule for the day--it's rare that a cheerleading competition, lacrosse camp, or afternoon game for another local team doesn't take over the field for the day--Craig took Jacob along with him.  They had fun, and Craig subsequently wrote about it for his periodically updated blog.  He promoted the post on the Knighthawks' website, too.

Last night Jacob and I were sitting in the stands at the Knighthawks' game in Toronto (more on that soon) and the woman a couple seats over asked, "Is that the little boy from the internet?"  We were sitting in the section of the Knighthawks' team tickets, and it turned out that the woman was the team goalie's mom.  So obviously she's a bit of a website visitor since she wants maximum coverage of her son's team...but still, it was cool she recognized him. 

Anyway, here's the stuff.

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