Thursday, June 23, 2011

Third Birthday, Take 3

So, we finally got to Monday, Jacob's actual birthday.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a good day for either of us to be off from work, so it was mostly just a normal day for all three of us.  Jacob definitely wasn't happy about it, because he just wanted to stay home and play with his toys.  And really, I did too.  It had been such a busy, fast weekend and the last thing I wanted to do was head into another full week of work.  I quickly cut up the pan of rice krispie treats I made the night before, and bagged up the little favors I did.  I opted to avoid the bag o' stuff that a lot of kids do (got one yesterday, for another birthday--five in Jacob's class within a week!), most of which is crap.  Instead, I opted for one piece of crap and a few kid-friendly snacks.  I got some of the Wegmans Fruit Strips, which are natural and I think one serving of fruit.  I also got some of the Safety Suckers, the ones with the looped stick, and two packs of Smarties per kid (an easy-to-eat, stain-free candy).  I tied them all together with ribbon, stuck them in a mini slinky-esque toy, and tied to the ribbon to the slinky.  No need for bags, and the total cost per kid was about $1.  Not bad, right?
Definitely should have gone for a prettier color of fruit strip, though!
By the time we got home, I was eager to pull out the rest of Jacob's gifts--the ones from us--and have Craig open his Father's Day (and early anniversary) gift from me, which arrived Monday afternoon.  Jacob's first gift was a new Brady Brady book that we had picked up during our last trip to Toronto.  He didn't seem too impressed, but he did enjoy it that night at bedtime!  Next up was what he thought was a chest protector:
 ...but in reality it was a Finding Nemo-themed kick board for the pool.  Finding an age-appropriate pool toy/floatation device for him is tough, because he's too old for the inflatable floating boats/cars, but he's not big enough for the shark/alligator ride-on type toys.  Other things are too flimsy or too advanced for his level of ability--which is, none--but I'd like him to be able to do something other than have him cling to us or struggle to float upright in his floatation suit.  We'll see how it goes.  I used to love playing with one of these.

Next up was the long awaited water table.  I bought it for $15 online from Walmart at Christmas, but since we already had enough gifts, I stored it away for the end of potty training or for his birthday, whichever came first.  And yes, here it is as a birthday gift.
He seemed pretty excited about it, but we've had so little time at home that he was still begging to play with some of his other gifts first.  However, we were once again off, this time to Jacob's birthday dinner at Red Robin (with our free Kid's Meal coupon).  With Jacob's resistance I debated about even going, but in the end we did.  He ate well, as usual, and then we gave them the coupon that indicated it was Jacob's birthday.  Shortly thereafter a bunch of the waitstaff came over with ice cream and sang to Jacob.  He was all smiles, giggling and so happy!  It's rare to see that sort of giddiness from him, so it was a treat for us too!  I was kicking myself for not getting out the camera to snap a picture!  He kept trying to sing the song afterward, he really enjoyed his ice cream.

By the time we got home, it was nearly bedtime, but we felt a little guilty about Jacob not being able to play with his toys on his birthday, so Craig quickly put together Jacob's new tee and took him out to have a few at-bats.
 Not nearly enough time, as usual, but at least he got a little time in. 

And as far as Father's Day, I gave Craig a GPS.  He's not the best with directions and when we get ourselves a little lost it's never a good thing as we both get frustrated, so I'm also considering it a "marriage preservation" device, which is why it's great for an anniversary gift, too!  No more arguments!  I'm hoping we can enjoy it while on vacation at some point this summer, and he might find it useful when he's traveling for work (generally up in Canada), too.  And when we venture to the other side of town. :)  And here's Jacob's daycare gift for Craig:
It's a magnetic picture frame made with tongue depressors and the cute little shapes.  I provided one of Craig's favorite pictures for it, too :)
So, Jacob's big birthday celebration finally came to an end.  We're slowly going through the gifts and bringing them into the playtime rotation, but I'm dying to have more time for him to just sit and enjoy them!  One of these days.  He's been a bit cranky since, but I'm chalking that up to some remaining sleep deprivation from the weekend.  Hoping, anyway.  So far three isn't much different from two, but let's hope those terrible twos wear off quickly!

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