Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Game of the Season

Jacob has been asking to go to a baseball game for weeks...probably since lacrosse season ended, actually.  Maybe even before that.  We kept telling him that he had to wait until the weather was warm and sunny, because we didn't want to sit in rain or cold to watch a game.  As it turned out, we had a LOT of that this spring, and when the weather did perk up, our schedule didn't allow us to go.  Before Craig came home from Prague I was thinking maybe we could hit up the Red Wings game on Memorial Day, but that didn't work out so we looked at going later during the homestand.  And last night was the night.

Fortunately, the weather was lovely, despite the strong wind we'd been having all day.  It was warm enough, very sunny, and the stadium blocked the wind a bit.  While Craig was getting our tickets, Jacob and I checked out the statue of the Red Wings' original owner, Morrie Silver.  Jacob thought it was a little boy and his daddy, which was sweet.
 I then encouraged Jacob to sit on the old stadium seats--which I think are from the Red Wings' former home, Silver Stadium--and got a couple cute pictures there...

It took us a while to get in, get some dinner, and get seated, but we were just in time to see the Red Wings go down 7-0 in the first inning.  Jacob was refusing to eat his hot dog, until we figured out that he just wanted to keep holding his glove and ball, rather than holding food.  So, whether or not we should have, we helped him eat.  We held the hot dog and handed him bites of a breadstick, just to make sure he ate.  Rest assured, he was happy as a clam the whole time! 

Once the Red Wings started getting some hits, Jacob was happy to see his favorite scoreboard feature, a pair of Mickey Mouse-like hands clapping, show up on the screen, and I took the opportunity to capture his smiles in pictures:

 It's not often I get smiles like that with a camera, so I took full advantage!

Later in the game we headed down for a walk, both to find Lori, who was also at the game, and to get a snack (I had been looking forward to getting crepe chips--crispy pieces of crepes with cinnamon sugar--from the Simply Crepes stand for months--and they only cost $1.25!), and start heading toward home.  Another goal was to find Spikes, the Red Wings mascot, so Jacob could get his ball and glove signed.  It took a while to find him (we did find Mittsy, the girl mascot prior to that), but we found him...
And once I got my crepe chips and we had checked out the team store, it was time to go home.  Despite the 7-0 first inning deficit, the Wings came back to win 10-9! We saw part of the comeback before we left, but we missed them officially taking the lead. Would have been nice to see it, but bedtime called!  As it was, Jacob fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep through putting on his pajamas!  And he slept all night, too.  I guess one exciting night of baseball was enough to completely tire him out!  He was such a good boy the whole time we were there, though, so we can't wait to do it again soon!

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