Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Bit of Fun Amidst the Challenges

Friday and yesterday were a trying days.  Jacob was so difficult on Friday that we didn't go to the Rattlers-Nationals lacrosse game (where Craig was working) like we planned.  He put food and his hands in his milk cup at dinner, and dumped his entire bowl of mac & cheese on the table, pretty much just to spite me.  And it's been that way pretty much all weekend.  He's definitely a kid that needs to test his boundaries, and I'm trying to be as consistent as possible so he no longer feels the need to test.  I'm pretty much instituting a "two-chance" rule when it comes to playing with his food.  If he doesn't eat it and keeps playing with it, it's going out.  Done.  It's gotten that bad.  Friday night he went to bed a little early and even slept in a bit, but that didn't prevent problems again yesterday.  It was more of the same, topped off by a morning where he begged to wear big boy underwear and then proceeded to pee in them, badly enough  that it got on the basement rug. 

After nap we had to had to head out to the pool store, and then we killed time at an amazing store called Hobby Lobby (like your average craft store on steroids) before heading to dinner.  We scoped out lots of cool potential decor for Jacob's big boy room, among other things.  For dinner we went to a place called Donuts Delite, which is legendary here in Rochester.  It was a famous donut place for many, many years, then closed a few years back and sat in a state of disrepair for a while.  Then within the last couple years Soccer Sam, whose TV show I hosted for a couple summers, bought it up, renovated it, and opened it as a franchise of his Salvatore's Pizza chain, which he started in high school (the same year I was born!  He's very young at heart, though!).  Of course, this location has donuts and uses the same recipe as the original owners.  We had never been there but had wanted to go, and it's not too often we're on that side of town.  So, off we went.

Hard to see, but there's a little cupola up top with a baker character named Dan Delite.  The facade is pretty much intact.
Outside there was a bench from a recent "Benches on Parade" type project.  This one was made out of coffee, pizza, and a donut.  Appropriate.
Jacob tried to eat the donut...multiple times.  Him putting odd things in or near his mouth has actually become a problem lately.  I don't think he was this bad even when he was teething.

We tried to get him to smile, but this was as good as it got.
We very much enjoyed our food, and while Jacob ate his quite well, the battle from the time we walked in until the food arrived wasn't an easy one.  Still, since he ate well, he got a donut.
Cute, yes...delicious, of course...but the sugar would come back to haunt us.

All smiles on a spinning stool on the way out!
When we got home I started working on Jacob's big boy bed.  Since we're home for the majority of this weekend and next weekend, I figured now was the time.  More on that in the next post...and yes, it really is that much of a story that it needs its own post...

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