Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Third Birthday, Take 2

On Sunday we woke up to house full of post-party stuff--the dishes I hadn't done, the destroyed cake I left sitting loosely covered on the counter, my desk cleared of everything I'd stuffed in its drawers to make room to serve food, a pile of presents, etc.  But there would be no time that day to restore order, because we were off to Buffalo.  I gave Craig the first part of his Father's Day gift, a wooden desktop baseball game that I got on clearance at Walmart months ago.  I knew he'd admired ones like that in the past, and I figured he and Jacob would enjoy playing with it together.  And did I mention it was cheap?  Part two of his gift hadn't arrived yet and would have to wait until Monday.

Anyway, we set off in the car, and although it was still early, Jacob napped.  It didn't last quite long enough, though, and he didn't even make it until we stopped at Wegmans in Hamburg to pick up the ingredients for Jacob's cake for Sunday's party.  I mentioned previously that another party in Craig's family had been planned for Saturday, so rather than find another date, we tacked Jacob on to Sunday's party at Craig's parents' house for our twin niece and nephew, who turned nine last week.  No, it's not ideal, but it was the best we could do this time around.  It was a pretty low-key party anyway, just immediate family plus the handful of relatives we see regularly on Craig's mom's side of the family and some of our sister-in-law's immediate family.  All of the kids except Jacob spent most of the day in the pool, but for some reason Jacob was averse.  Ultimately that meant I didn't go in either, which was fine, I guess.  Not worth the battle, honestly.  It was a decent day, but Jacob was definitely overtired.

After a huge spread of food, it was time for cake.  I decided to make a cake whose recipe I'd stared at numerous times but never made.  It's a cake with alternating layers of ice cream sandwich and a mixture of Cool Whip, chocolate pudding, hot fudge sauce, and crushed Oreos.  I ended up forgetting the Oreos, but that was ok because it really didn't need them!  In addition, the twins' cake was a homemade ice cream cake composed of cherry vanilla ice cream, crushed Oreos, homemade buttercream frosting, and chocolate shell across the entire top.  Amazingly good.  Actually, both were great.
Ok, so mine looks a little boring, but it was cooler when you cut into it.  I could have done last minute decorating courtesy of the topping cups there (Craig's brother's family won a Friendly's gift certificate, and most of the winnings went toward the cake creation--but the remnants were tubs of sprinkles and mini gummy bears!), but why ruin its purity? :)
 Jacob once again did great with the candles, even though these were harder!
After cake, it was finally time for presents. Jacob pretty much got the baseball player's dream...a new aluminum bat, a real glove just his size, and a good batting tee. We gave him one last year, one that we thought would be better than the "kiddie" tees out there, but it ended up not being too sturdy. The new one should last through a good portion of whatever baseball career he has ahead of him.
He also got some clothes and a cool "indoor" baseball bat emblazoned with the logo of Daddy's team, the Braves. And we have a Toys 'R' Us gift card for further shopping...oh boy!
After gifts I was eager to get going, knowing how late it already was, how much I had to do once we got home, and how off Jacob usually is when we drive home late. I did, however, bring his pajamas this time in hopes we could easily transfer a sleeping boy from the car to his bed. But first, as usual, it was time for a little baseball...
Nope, not his tee :)
Jacob did sleep on the way home and the transfer was fairly uneventful.  However, once we arrived home sometime after 10pm, I still had to do a load of laundry and make rice krispie treats for Jacob's daycare class.  It ended up being a pretty late night, but somehow everything got done.  I'm still managing the rest of the house, though, which is taking me handfuls of time each evening.  Last night I got in a desperately needed workout (a 10-mile bike ride), and then came home and did an unscheduled workout involving an hour-long vacuuming session in our pool.  The water wasn't bad but the crud at the bottom was.  We're still not sure if it was remnants of the crap that fell off our cover when Craig was opening it, stuff from our solar cover's first use, or new algae growth from a couple days under the solar cover.  Regardless, it seems to be well worth the effort, I think, as it looked considerably clearer this morning!  Always a battle, though. 

However...I'm getting ahead of myself!  We still have one day of Jacob's birthday left to report on... :)

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