Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Strep & Stuff

As I mentioned the other day, Jacob has finally come down with strep throat. Craig and I estimated that he'd had four strep tests this winter, thanks to many ill-timed colds that appeared at the same time as a strep outbreak at daycare. Poor kid. Even though he seems to be feeling fine for the most part, he had to stay home yesterday to give the antibiotics time to work. (Un)Fortunately, Craig wasn't feeling too hot himself, so he stayed home, too. He had a sore throat on Sunday night and by yesterday he was feeling pretty crappy. He got an early appointment at the doctor and called me around 11am yesterday to say that he, too, had strep. The boys spent their day waiting for Craig's prescription at Wegmans, watching movies, and eating cheesy popcorn, which was something Craig had been promising to Jacob for a while (yeah, I don't know...must be a guy thing). Meanwhile, I've been wondering when my turn is coming, as I think of every time I kissed either of them, ate something Jacob left on his plate, or shared a bathroom hand towel in the past week. So far so good, though I've been battling headaches here and there. I'm also really tired today (what else is new?), but I'm thinking that probably has more to do with this morning's early wake-up and subsequent shoveling workout than anything else. I'd really like to make it through Sunday healthy, if possible, or if I have to get sick, start feeling it ASAP and get meds now, so I can still go to our friends' annual Superbowl party. We missed it a couple years ago because I was sick, and I'd hate to miss it again. It's a lot of fun and we don't get to go out and do those sorts of things (i.e., hanging out with other adults) often, even if it is with Jacob in tow.

Thinking back to that missed Superbowl party made me look back in the blog a bit, and I smiled when I read the first sentence of my post from three (!) years ago today..."Today I made it my mission to find some maternity pants." I'm not sure what exactly about that statement made me smile...whether it was the image of a simpler time or just remembering all too well the drama that maternity shopping entailed for me. I remember that trip well, standing in the fitting room at Old Navy trying to figure out what pair of pants would work with a belly I didn't have yet. Turns out that the jeans I got I loved, and even more amazing, I still dream of the pair of khakis I got. At the time I wasn't sure about them, but they were cheap and looked ok. Turns out that they fit pregnant me so perfectly that they became my favorite pants and I still wish I could find pants that made me feel that good. After all the effort I put into that wardrobe, I really do look forward to pulling that bin out someday for round two.

It was a little disappointing today that we didn't get a snow day. They had predicted over a foot of snow, but we only ended up getting a few inches. Those inches made for plenty of shoveling this morning thanks to freezing rain, a huge plow pile at the end of the driveway, and densely blown drifts. We were up and shoveled out, and I was dressed before Jacob even woke up. He did pretty well on his first day back to school, though I did get the warning from his teachers to take him back to the doctor after he's done with the antibiotics, just because many of the strep cases haven't been responding. Awesome.

This Friday is my first parent-teacher conference. I didn't do one last year because Jacob was too new and I didn't think any appraisal would be fair--particularly since he was having a few bad weeks this time last year. New daycare, teething, one illness after another...and with bad sleeping along with it, I just didn't think there could be anything good to discuss after a month with new caregivers. This year, however, I'm interested to hear what they have to say. I have a little apprehension that I still won't like it, but at least this time there's been enough time for them to make a fair statement. I'm figuring it won't be anything I don't know--he's smart, he doesn't listen--but maybe it'll just be a nice open forum for anything random that comes up...brainstorming for potty training, thoughts on what we could help him with at home, stuff he loves, etc. Unlike his old daycare, we don't get a lot of chatty time. They had a book I could leave notes in every day, and I just clicked with them a lot better and wanted to stay and chat. This daycare is just different and you're lucky to catch a spare moment to chat. It's not that they're not willing, it's just that there's a lot of kids and a lot going on. Interestingly, even though I don't have any specific beefs with the current one, I think I have a good knowledge base from this experience to ask the right questions if we ever switch again. So anyway, it should be interesting to hear their thoughts.

Jacob's bandage on his leg has been trimmed down quite a bit as the edges peel off, but there's still a patch covering all of the core of the wound. I'm very curious to see what's under there. I assume that if it doesn't fall off, they'll take the rest off when we go to his follow-up next Tuesday. I also assume that will be when we'll get confirmation about the lab results of the tissue. I'm guessing that if we haven't heard anything it's probably fine, but maybe it takes longer than we think to sort through it all.

Not much else to report. The potty chart has been only modestly successful. He likes the stickers but it still hasn't convinced him to pee in it regularly or to learn how to know the difference between having to pee and not having to pee. He's been testing us all around lately, ignoring us or giving smart responses, and making meals and potty time generally difficult. It hasn't been horrible (though I do feel like I spend a lot of time yelling at him), but it's made things difficult. Almost like a passive agressive thing or something. Someday he'll understand that listening to us makes things easier. Someday. Maybe.

We hope the snow hasn't overtaken your world...stay warm and drive safely!

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