Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Randoms

No major topics of note today, but a handful of things have been banging around inside my brain, so here goes...

Is it pathetic that I am really relieved that Jacob has figured out how to get out of his car seat alone? I mean, I still have to release the buckles and all that, but he has finally figured out how to lean forward and get his arms out of the straps, then to stand up on the edge of the seat (the real seat, not his), brace himself on the front seats with his hands, and carefully step around his car seat, across the backseat, and down. I usually swoop him off the seat and out of the car, but that's easy compared to lugging a 30-pound child out of a car seat. For some reason (ummm, maybe because I kept helping him?) he wouldn't do it on his own for the longest time, no matter how much I encouraged him to move and try to get himself out. And then, because I have no patience, I would then step in and get him out. But it has been really awesome to watch him figure it out and come out victorious, and I think he finds it to be a fun challenge each time. He doesn't always want to do it--he is two, after all, and sometimes that seat must feel pretty comfy--but it's such a relief when he does. I'm still a little concerned about the effects of dirty boots and shoes on my car seats, but I guess I'll just have to put down a blanket or something.

For the past week or so I've had a problem with waking up, wide awake, at about 5:15am. I couldn't fall back to sleep to save my life, but I was still tired enough that I could not drag myself out of bed and be productive. Knowing that the sleep I was getting wasn't enough (about 5.75 hours on average), I think I was just determined to try to fall back to sleep for that last hour (plus a half hour with the snooze button). I didn't want to solidify that that was all the sleep I was getting for the day. It drove me nuts that this had happened for a week straight, minus the weekend, without a cause. I'm guessing my anxiety over knowing how close I was to my alarm probably was an issue with falling back to sleep--hence my lack of a problem over the weekend--but it's been pretty awful. And pair it with some sleeping issues on Jacob's end--which Craig has been great about taking more than his fair share of--and it's made for some pretty awful sleep deprivation. Surprisingly I've made it through work relatively unscathed (that I know of), though I have had a couple sleepy patches here and there. It's far from an ideal scenario, though, because the more tired I am, the less likely I am to want to be active in the evenings, and the less patience and optimism I have in general. I wouldn't doubt that my Valentine's Day crankiness was partially caused by this. And I've noticed a distinct lack of patience with Jacob when I'm extra sleep deprived. I truly never noticed how my world was affected by sleep deprivation--beyond the usual nodding off--until I had a baby. My sleep-deprived breakdown the first week and the realization that my general outlook on life was vastly better with a good night's sleep were real eye-openers. I did sleep normally last night--aside from short wakeups and a Jacob wakeup that Craig handled--and woke up with my alarm, but I think I was more tired this morning than any other. It's just amazing how sleep impacts so much when you're a parent.

Tomorrow we're going to Toronto, our first trip there with Jacob in tow. The Knighthawks are playing in Toronto, so we're going up early and taking a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame. We figure Jacob is old enough to begin to appreciate it, and we haven't been there in years--maybe since just a few months into our dating, though I think maybe we went one other time years ago. Jacob's schedule aside, it should be fun. We have to figure out the best way to fit in a nap and fill our day so Jacob doesn't get bored and drive us nuts. We're going to go to the arena with Craig and visit the press box before the game, then the two of us will sit in the seats and leave when we're ready since Craig is going back with the team. We'll head to my parents', and we'll be back home by lunchtime Saturday for a weekend visit from my oldest friend, Heather, who's coming to visit from Binghamton. Should be a lot of fun! Jacob and I have Monday off. I need it! Have a nice weekend, and hopefully I'll have some good pictures soon!

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