Sunday, February 20, 2011

Patience Needed

This weekend has been an unbelievable challenge. As I mentioned, Jacob was giving us a lot of trouble on Friday, and it continued yesterday and again into today. I know that sleep issues were definitely part of the problem. It can't be a total coincidence that this behavior has coincided with a bit of a crazy schedule and some early wakeups. He got to sleep pretty much on time Thursday night, though that took place in the car on the way to Buffalo. Still, he slept the whole way there and woke up only briefly before snuggling with Craig and getting back to sleep. He slept pretty well that night--only a quick wakeup or two--but woke up by 6:30 or so that morning, far earlier than usual. He was a handful that morning but I was hoping a much-needed nap in the car on the way to Toronto would be the magic formula...but no, he woke up as feisty and difficult as before. While a nap later in the day would have been helpful, it didn't happen. we managed while we were at the arena, and he was his usual entranced self during the game. But he fell asleep before we were out of the arena and settled into a deep sleep on the way back to my parents' house. He woke up in almost a sleepwalking-like state when we got back, but basically turned over and fell asleep the second I put him in the crib. Again, he had a brief wakeup or two overnight, and another 6:30am wakeup call awaited. I really wanted to sleep more, but Jacob would not go out and hang with my parents like he normally does. Instead he tortured me, insisting he wanted to sleep more but instead kicking me, crawling over me, and making me generally nuts. I was very concerned about driving home so tired, but I didn't have a choice. Yet again he got a car ride nap, this time at noon, but this one was shorter as he woke up at 1:20 when we got home. Full of trouble for the rest of the day, particularly when I was trying to rest while he played and he continued to bother me...which out of desperation led to an hour in his crib while I was on the couch. But unfortunately, he screamed for a good chunk of that time, and not a moment of sleep was had by either of us. Exhausted, I opted to stay home from the Knighthawks game and avoid the howling winds. An early bedtime for Jacob was on tap, hoping he'd be better today.

He was up early again, somewhere around 7, and was an absolute nightmare at church. Normally he has bad moments, but today the whole thing was a disaster. He wouldn't do any of the normal activities that usually keep him occupied...books, drawing, snacks, toys...nothing. We both took him out at separate times and dealt with a lot of flailing around on the floor. Brutal. He fell asleep on the way home around 11am and slept a couple hours. Lunch went pretty well, the afternoon was generally fine, and dinner wasn't bad. He told us he had to go potty (poop, even!), and went down pretty well. I'm not sure what flipped the switch back to tolerable, but the afternoon and evening seemed like night and day from the past 2-1/2 days. Maybe a good nap in his own bed helped, maybe it was the realization at lunch that I don't expect him to eat all his food, but want him to put in a "good effort", trying his food, eating it at a reasonable pace, not playing with it, and being generally polite. I've told him that before, but he seemed to get it today. He might forget it tomorrow, but I guess when you have a child that has the potential to learn so many new things each day, you always have to hold out hope that today will be the day it sticks.

Tomorrow Jacob and I will be home alone. I'm praying he sleeps well, eats well, and naps well, because I will need as much in my favor as I can get. I'm not normally nervous to spend a full day home alone with him, but tonight, I am. It was that bad of a weekend. There were so many blatant no's, so much hitting and kicking, so much mischief. And I'll admit I was short on patience...probably because I was tired as well. I'm finding it hard to find ways to discipline him, since nothing seems to work...yelling, spanking, timeouts...nothing. We've tried them all at various points, and the frustration when they don't work is horrible. I'm at a loss and it's so hard. So hopefully tomorrow he's back on his schedule a bit and things are a little easier. I wanted to do something fun, but I think breaking out markers for the first time might be as good as it gets. Especially because the weather is supposed to be snowy. Again.

Wish us luck...

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