Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend in Review

I guess our Valentine's Day gift from Jacob is that he didn't have a fever this morning and we could all have a normal day--us at work, Jacob at daycare, and no worrying about who's missing what. I have Monday commitments that make it tough to miss, Craig had two meetings, and Jacob had his Valentine's Day if his fever would have held out, we'd have been struggling. So, thank goodness for that.

It ended up being a bit of an odd weekend. Nothing out of the ordinary, I guess, but just generally working around Jacob's illness. Friday night we stuck close to home, had a very well-received pancake dinner while Craig was working, and watched part of a movie. Saturday we hung out in the morning, I cleaned the house while Jacob napped, and after that we tried to go to the Knighthawks game. He still had a fever, but medication was managing it okay and Jacob really wanted to go to the game. I figured it wouldn't hurt to go for the first half and head home in time for a reasonable bedtime...just to get out and give him some fun for an otherwise blah day.

However, I wanted to do a couple test runs beforehand to see how things would go. We were going to grab dinner and then go to BJ's so I could renew my office's membership. I had to get that latter part done this weekend (other people were relying on me), so I figured these stops would serve as a test, or at the very least a nice break from being in the house. Dinner happened to take place at the end of Jacob's last dose of meds, and as a result, it didn't go well. He didn't want to eat a meal he usually devours, and melted into a pool of tears whenever I said anything. Of course, generally I was talking about how he needed to eat so we could go to the game, and if he didn't eat I would take it that he was too sick to go to the game. So, yeah, that didn't go well and I pretty much decided on the spot that we weren't going to go. However, I did still need to go to BJ's, and by the time we got there his Tylenol had kicked back in and he was fine. But still, he seemed to understand and accept that we weren't going to the game, and I knew it was better to stay home anyway, so home we went. And it was a pleasant evening of listening to Craig's broadcast online and encouraging Jacob to finish his dinner, which he finally did. I also caught some or all of three oldie-but-goodie movies during the course of the day--Look Who's Talking, Splash, and Grumpy Old Men. We also finished watching the movie (The Mighty Ducks) that we had started on Friday night. Oh, and when Jacob went to bed, I also read a book, which I almost never do. It was very light reading (though 200+ pages worth), and it made for a very peaceful evening.

I'd like to interject here that while it may seem foolish for so many reasons to try to take a feverish kid to a lacrosse game, I had to give it a try. But here's the thing...Jacob really wanted to go, and other than a high temperature and a little extra whininess at times, he really didn't seem sick. And he wanted to go so badly. I knew that even part of the game would make him so happy, so I felt that it was worth trying. I knew he'd probably be an angel at the game, and it would be a nice outing for both of us...but in the end it didn't work. Caution and sensibility prevailed, and that's fine. But when you have a sick kid, sometimes you have to give it shot just to brighten their day a bit.

Jacob had a rough night of sleep on Saturday. We were all tired by Sunday morning and Jacob still had a fever. We did sleep in, which was helpful, but it set us up for an odd day. Because we slept in, we weren't going to make our normal church service, and the later one was too late for the rest of our plans for the day. I needed to stop at Wegmans afterward and that would just throw us into a schedule for a too-late lunch and nap. Also, I didn't like the thought of him being in a confined room at church with other kids while he was still sick. So, we skipped church. I hate doing that, but in the end, with our schedule, his fever, and the fear of Jacob's misbehavior being at a high level (Craig had to work again, so I'd be solo), it seemed like going would be more counterproductive than anything. It's too bad, but given how hard it is to concentrate some weeks, right now I'm not sure how much I get out of it when we go. I know, so bad. Someday, I hope. This shouldn't become any sort of habit, though, believe me.

So off to Wegmans we went, and other than one period where Jacob was determined to take off his shoes and socks while sitting in the cart, it wasn't too bad. I even got us a treat for lunch--a couple pretzel rolls. Mmmm...highly recommend them. During Jacob's nap I shoveled ice and slush off the driveway and got a little snooze in myself. Sunday night I made corn chowder for dinner, a delicious family recipe that I thought Jacob would enjoy since he seems to like soup and corn. Alas, he wouldn't even try it other than sipping some of the broth, which he did like...but he wouldn't go near a spoonful of the vegetables. Ugh. I keep wondering how I'm supposed to broaden his palette if he won't even take a bite...and if we force him, he just spits it back out. It's miserable for all of us, and extra frustrating when I'm pretty sure it's something he'll like. I guess someday he'll get hungry and figure it out.

On a related note, I'm getting insanely frustrated with his stalling tactics these days. Whether it's sitting on the potty or eating his dinner or getting ready to go up to bed, Jacob takes FOREVER. He'll sit on the potty and just chat away, or play with his food instead of eating it, or have to set up his hockey guys perfectly before he will contentedly go up to bed. And in all cases, no matter how much I try to move things along, he just stalls. But when I try to put an end to it, he freaks out. So, if I try to get him off the empty potty and put his diaper back on, he whines and insists he still has to go. So if you have to go, GO! If you haven't gone after 10 minutes, maybe you don't have to go! If I try to take away his food, he gets upset and insists he still wants it, but then proceeds to only play with it for another 10 minutes. If I physically remove him from his toys, he has a tantrum.

Sometimes right at the last minute he'll get serious and get down to business, but I refuse to sit in the bathroom or at the table for any lengthy period with no progress, because someday he has to learn to do those things relatively quickly, maybe even on someone else's timeline besides mine. No, I don't want him to rush through dinner or push him when he's on the potty, but I don't have the time to sit and wait while he screws around. I know I can sit him on the potty with a book, but considering he'll stand up the second he's done pooping, I don't trust him to sit alone for fear I'll have remnant poop stuck on the rug as it drops off his unwiped butt. I do try to give him time at dinner by cleaning up and doing dishes or loading the dishwasher...but I'm not going to sit there for an extra half hour while he abuses his remaining food. I don''t want to be impatient, but it's a tough call between impatience and practicality. How can I make him focus and not make us wait, or even worse, flat out disobey?

Anyway, frustrations aside, I was relieved when his fever was gone this morning, and I'm hoping the cough and runny nose aren't far behind. He's been through enough this winter, and now that nicer weather is finally arriving (ok, a couple days of 40s an maybe some approaching 50s--not great but I'll take it), I'm hoping the worst of the illnesses are behind us.

Busy week as usual coming up, but a great weekend (a long weekend!) coming up behind it. Woohoo!

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