Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Video Tuesday

Just a quick little treat for today. This is video of Jacob pitching a baseball. It was taken at my family reunion a few weeks ago. He's working on that form!

Not much else to report that I didn't already complain...er...I mean, blog about yesterday. I feel like I should remind everyone that despite my cranky post yesterday, I do still love Jacob more than anything. Yes, he makes me crazy. But he's so incredibly cute and sweet when he's being a good boy, and I absolutely love watching him grow. He says some really funny things and is downright goofy sometimes. And yes, when he's quiet and snuggly and even sleeping, I love it. I love snuggling with him, I love playing with his hair (just thinking yesterday that I should enjoy the dirty blond--it won't be around forever, I'm sure) and rubbing his still-baby-soft skin, playing with his belly and kissing his forehead or his cute little cheeks. And I can't help but laugh when his other set of cheeks go running naked down the hallway at bathtime. I love that his brown eyes are dark like mine, and that he got Craig's dimple. I think it's cute that he now asks me to rub his back at bedtime. I love how much he loves his stuffed animals, but appreciate that he doesn't need any specific one to function in his daily life (purely for my sanity, I suppose). I love the way his face brightens when I arrive to get him at daycare, even if it is usually short-lived and he generally runs away from me two seconds later. But yesterday I did get a big smile, a "Mommy!" and a big hug. Priceless. I love that one kiss fixes most of his boo-boos instantaneously. I love that he can jump and count and sing songs, because I'd be a little worried if his main skills were all sports related. When he's a good boy, he's the light of my life. When he's not, it's that much harder because he's at the core of my world and if the core isn't good, it's hard to make the rest good. But I love him to pieces. Or, to quote one of our favorite bedtime books, "I love you to the moon...and back."

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