Monday, August 16, 2010

Surprisingly Photogenic Week(end)

I got some good pictures in the last week. I don't know if Jacob was more accomodating, or if I was just lucky (probably the latter). Last Tuesday we went to another baseball game here in town, mostly because the Gwinnett Braves were in town and Craig is an Atlanta Braves fan. In addition, a guy who's been in the majors for a while was playing for Gwinnett. Ironically, Craig bought a shirt cheap last year in Pittsburgh with the guy's name on it from when he played for Pittsburgh before getting traded to Atlanta. He'll be wearing that this weekend when we go back to Pittsburgh. But anyway, it was a nice night and it was a doubleheader and we always get free tickets so it seemed like a good idea. We didn't stay too long because it makes for a late night and Jacob can only sit so long, but while we were sitting there enjoying the game, I managed to take this fantastic picture of Jacob...and no, he didn't pose for this--I actually caught this shot mid-movement as he was sort of rocking on his seat.

This one just cracks me up. He was looking at Craig's Braves baseball...classic!

Shortly thereafter we headed out once Jacob stopped sitting nicely. I can't even tell you how many times he inadvertently elbowed or kicked the people in front of us. Lovely.

This weekend we headed into Buffalo for Craig's first family reunion in 13 years. The last one was held about a year before his grandmother passed away. The one the following year never happened because it was scheduled for two days after his grandmother died. And it just never happened again. Until this year. It was a brutally hot day, but fortunately the sun hid out quite a bit and we didn't get the full brunt of the heat and humidity all the time. But here's why I found it surprising that I got so many good pictures of Jacob--I only pulled the camera out a couple times, and even then, we were so hot and sweaty that I can't believe the pictures actually turned out good. I really had to pick and choose what I posted here. Facebook will eventually have them all, I'm sure.

Here's my adorable but HOT little boy in the middle of running around and playing lacrosse and baseball with his older cousins...

I just love his look of intensity as he plays here with sidewalk chalk...and those pink cheeks were because he was hot, not sunburned.
As a funny little side note, one of the activities at the event (in addition to a funny nametag game and an egg toss) was one of those "guess how many in the jar" games, this one with a jar full of Starbursts. They looked so good, so I sat there for a moment and did a little math. I estimated how many were in the top layer of the jar, multiplied it down, and settled with a guess of 625. The guesses ranged from the 200 realm up through about 800, so it was a crapshoot. A little while later, whoever was tallying things up came over and asked if I was Amy and said I had won! There were 627 Starbursts in the I was only two off! Here's a picture of the jar sitting on our dining room table, minus about four or five of the 627 :) I just had to share! And for reference, the jar is about a foot high!

At one point the picnic shifted over to the baseball field for the traditional family softball game. I think in the past there were a good number of adults that participated, but a good chunk of this year's participants were on the young side. And fortunately they were very accomodating to the really little ones, like Jacob and his two cousins, who really wanted to participate as well. Here's Jacob pregame, already in his catcher's stance. And yes, he does know to turn his hat around like a catcher, though it's a little crooked here. "I a catcher, mommy!"

Here's Jacob intently watching the game from the bleachers, waiting for his moment. Notice the Bakugan figures sitting nearby. For those of you unaware, they're toys that start out looking like little balls and magically open into creatures when put near their corresponding trading card. Other kids were playing with them, and I try to keep Jacob away from them because he inevitably just throws them like the balls that they are.
Jacob's up to bat, with a little help from Daddy...
He got a hit and took the longest run around the bases, possibly ever. But he took his grand old time at home plate, too :)
We had a good time but were pretty spent by the time we left. Jacob fell asleep in the car around 7:30, barely woke up for pajamas, and slept through until about 8am. Heavenly! We ended up heading back to Rochester pretty early on Sunday, at least compared to normal, because Craig's whole family was busy, mostly with campaigning for his brother's state assembly run. We figured we'd come back and try to be productive since we've had so many busy weekends. Ultimately we didn't do a lot. Craig did work on the pool (it's back to a cloudy turquoise from greenish again--hopefully it's almost there, just in time for vacation) and I spent some time shopping for the first time in a while. It was a pretty horrible shopping trip, though, which I may or may not discuss here at some point. Suffice it to say that I did some underwear shopping and I think I felt better about my body a couple months postpartum than I do right now. Ugh. That, and I have completely had it with Kohl's and their inability to stock size 7s in any shoes that I ever want to buy there. Anyway, Jacob and I did hang out a bit and I managed to take this incredibly cute picture of him when he was coming downstairs to play.
He's seriously too cute. I have discovered that he really wants to help me with a lot of things--strapping him into his carseat or high chair, loading the dishwasher (ugh), and a few other random things. It's cute, and I'm trying to help him help me, because he's just so sweet and proud when he does it. He's really saying a lot of funny things now, too, like "Mommy/Daddy, don't say that" if we say something he doesn't want to hear (like lacrosse or hockey season being over). We did have a rough night last night. He was up for 2-3 hours, fairly calm but calling for us a lot. When we stopped coming (my attempt to let him cry it out and tire himself out), he really went nuts. In the end Craig went in and held him for a while. Such a tough call in the middle of the night. I'm not sure if it was his early bedtime or lack of nap or a fear of something (he keeps talking about a movie--we did watch a short part of Tarzan 2 (darn Disney flicks) and something about that may have scared him), but it was not fun. Hoping we don't have a repeat tonight, because we're beat. On the bright side, Craig has one more day of work and I have two before we finally hit vacation. It is sorely needed for both of us. It has been a long span without it, that's for sure. We are going to Pittsburgh for a couple days with a quick stopover in Buffalo, and spending the rest at home. I'm still working on a list of things to do, but I know the days will go quickly enough without planned activities! Should be fun, though! More to come...

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