Thursday, August 12, 2010

Selfish Wishes for #2

After listing out some of Jacob's best characteristics yesterday (and my displeasure with some of his recent behavior), I've periodically thought about some of the things he doesn't do that I hope our next baby will do. This is in no way stating that I am unhappy with Jacob or that I want him to change (well, better obedience would be nice, but...), but just things that I've heard of other kids doing that Jacob doesn't and I'd like to have a kid that does. But since he's already pretty well settled into who he is, I guess I can log these as hopes for our next child. And it's probaby better to do that now while baby #2 is a mere thought, rather than a real, developing fetus--no need to put pressure on someone that actually exists ;-)

1) Eat well - I'm not saying they have to eat everything and ask for more, but it would be nice to get some general enthusiasm about regular food. Jacob has a few favorite foods (generally not real foods--usually ice cream, pretzels, etc.), but it's rare he gets excited about any good food or eagerly inhales what I make for dinner. I'd like to hear something besides, "No" when I say that it's time for dinner. I'd also like to see more food get eaten and throw away less. Watching food go to waste can get so frustrating after a while--like, why do I even bother putting in the effort if it's not going to get eaten? At least Jacob likes fruit and milk and enjoys my pizza and a couple other select meals.

2) Sleep eagerly - I can't really complain about Jacob because he's a pretty good night sleeper. He's ok with naps and generally doesn't fuss a lot when he's put in his crib. But you know what I'd love? Every once in a while I hear about one of those kids who knows that they're sleepy and does something about it--like bringing their blankie to you and indicating they're sleepy. How cute is that? Even a kid that falls asleep while playing would be interesting. Jacob did that a couple times, but never around me--once with my parents, once at daycare that I know of. I always thought that was cute and would have loved the unexpected break. Maybe I was just too on the ball at figuring out when he was sleepy and it never got to that point around me!

3) Get excited - I suppose Jacob gets excited about some things, but he rarely gets visibly excited by the things I feel like he should. When we get to sporting events, which should be super-exciting, he's usually very serious. He'll look around and watch the game intently. It seems like he just checks things out instead of getting excited. I'd love to see some genuine enthusiasm at a time when I'm expecting it!

4) Play with standard toys - Most of what Jacob plays with are his balls, hockey sticks, and lacrosse sticks. The one thing he frequently plays with beyond that is probably not exactly age appropriate, but he loves it. He has a collection of "hockey guys" and "baseball guys". The hockey guys are a combo of Craig's old table hockey guys, a bunch of Lil' Brat hockey player keychains, and other miscellaneous hockey-themed items. The baseball guys are mostly Craig's cool Charlie Brown baseball set that we got a few years back. Technically they're toys, but they're sort of collectibles, too. It's a risk to let him play with them and they're getting a tad beaten up, but not bad considering their use. The boys set up "games" with all of the guys, and it's the one thing Jacob seems to sit and play with for a while at a time. And yet, there's a whole corner of toys that rarely gets investigated. Maybe they need to be better organized so he knows what's there. Maybe I need to weed out any little baby toys. Maybe we need a new system altogether. Or maybe he's just into sports so that's all he cares to do. But it would be nice to have a child that found standard toys interesting so I knew how to play them with him/her. I'm not so good at hockey guys/baseball guys...or sports, for that matter.

5) Hair I understand - When Jacob was born, he had the sweetest little head with soft brown hair. There wasn't much of it, but it was nice because it didn't stick up or anything. He did lose a lot off the top shortly after birth, which led to a bit of a male-pattern baldness look for a while. Once he started getting haircuts, I sort of stopped understanding his hair. If it got cut too short on top, it stuck up. If it gets too long on top, it looks strange, like a permanent case of bedhead. I can't tell if he's meant to have a part or not. I don't know how to tell them to cut it so it doesn't stick up nor does it look like a straight cut across his forehead. Hopefully our next child will have hair I understand--though I might have no idea what to do with a girl, at least I can fake it with barrettes or something. As long as no child ends up with a mullet, we're in ok shape, I guess.

Nothing earth-shattering, and again, Jacob is more than I could ever ask for...but it never hurts to dream :)

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