Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello, Amoxicillin...

Jacob and I have both been sick for weeks. He started first with a cough and a runny nose. I started shortly thereafter with the same. Of course, I've had allergy issues all along as well, so I have no idea if the cold ever went away or not. The cough is just miserable. As I type right now my head is pounding from all the coughing. Jacob's had his cough for weeks now, which is nothing out of the ordinary except that he usually only has it during cold season. Twice since the cough started he's had thick greenish mucus. The first time we were told he just had a virus. When it started again over the weekend, I could merely just shake my head. Poor kid.

Well, tonight right before dinner Jacob was sitting in his high chair waiting to eat, and suddenly started crying and grabbing his ear. He was trying to dig into it and was whining miserably. Uh-oh. After dinner I called the doctor and Craig took him in. Sure enough, double ear infection. Nasty one in the left ear that he was grabbing at, and an average one in his right ear. Had it not been for tonight's incident, I never would have known--though with the return of green mucus, I was on the verge of calling the doctor again anyway. I know he slept crappy the other night, but he was generally in good spirits when he was awake--wanting to be with us, but not complaining or whining about discomfort. Other than that he's slept well, so how would I have known? God only knows how long it's been there. I sometimes wonder if he's just so used to being uncomfortable from all the issues he's had that some stuff just doesn't phase him anymore. Ouch. So, now we'll be dragging an icy cooler along with us to Pittsburgh this weekend to keep the Amoxicillin chilled. Two doses a day for 10 days. It's 7mL this time, which I know has to be considerably more than he got last time. Luckily, he loves the taste. I think I've said this before on here, but seriously, where were all these good flavors when I was a kid? So, hopefully he's on his way to getting healthy. Now if I just could, we'd be all set. What are the odds I need amoxicillin, too?

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