Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, Jacob's definitely not "walking" yet, but he finally pulled off a couple actual steps that didn't immediately end in a dive into my lap! Lately we've been encouraging Jacob to stand on his own, which he's been getting good at. He still doesn't do it a lot, at least not voluntarily, but if I happen to put him on the ground, he's less likely to immediately get on all fours than he was a week or two ago. Since he's been getting better at that, I've been trying to get him to take steps. As I've been saying for a while, I think he's ready to walk but just doesn't have the confidence to pick up his feet and go. We've been cheering him on a lot, just trying to get him to move his feet, but it's not always easy. If you try to use a toy to entice him, he just drops down and crawls to get it...but then again, if given the choice I guess we all probably revert to what's easier and what we're better at in life, right? Still, here and there we've gotten a couple attempted steps from him. He'll lift his foot and try to move forward, only to end up diving in my lap or launching forward to grab my outstretched arms. I think once last weekend we did get a couple steps together, but both were in the midst of forward momentum as he was launching himself at me, so I don't think they really counted. But last night he actually managed to take a couple steps and stay standing. He didn't get far and was quite wobbly in between, they were actual steps nonetheless. He'd move his foot, wobble, move the other foot, wobble, and then usually try for a third step but end up in my lap or grabbing my hands. But still, it's progress! Hopefully we'll have plenty of time this weekend to keep working on it. And I think once he gets the idea and enjoys the praise he gets for doing it, he'll want to keep doing it! And hopefully something video-worthy will happen sometime soon!

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