Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Rest of the Weekend...and Other Stuff...

We had a pretty good Labor Day weekend. I always look forward to weekends just because it's nice to have some uninterrupted time with Jacob. Of course, there's always the risk of getting tired out by our active little man, but the fun that goes along with it is usually worth it. Unfortunately, I actually sort of pooped out on Monday, which left Craig to do a lot of stuff with Jacob while I rested. I think it was the lack of sleep after our trip to the drive-in combined with a very busy day on Sunday. Once in a while, it just happens. It was a bummer to not feel great on a day off, and I felt bad that it prevented me from maximizing my time with Jacob. But the Friday trip to the drive-in, a pleasant day on Saturday, and a ton of fun on Sunday made up for it.

As I mentioned in my last post, Craig and I went to a wedding on Sunday. The happy couple is another Amerks love connection--two kids that basically grew up around the team (her dad is an off-ice official, and his dad is the play-by-play guy) and officially met when they were both interning for Craig. It was a Sunday morning wedding, which was unique, but it was such a great event. Outdoor ceremony in perfect weather, brunch food (yum!), and a lovely setting. My parents were on their way back from a wedding near Syracuse, so they met us at this wedding and we made the Jacob hand-off so they could come back to our house and watch him for the day. It worked out really well and Jacob was a very good boy. He spent a lot of time outside and I think it wiped him out! Here he is on the front lawn getting a good look at the camera..."What you lookin' at?"

He also spent some time with one of the neighborhood cats. There are a few that wander around the neighborhood and get taken care of by a few neighbors. They still make me a little nervous but they've been pretty good all this time. Jacob had fun with this one until he pulled its tail a little too hard and it scratched his arm a bit. Ugh.
We even got to go out for dinner and gelato with my parents, and all in all it was a great day.

So let's see...what else is new? Jacob still isn't walking, and really isn't even standing up that much. He really doesn't get that he can do it. He seems to do better on grass, so whether a few hard falls on other surfaces has made him not want to stand up indoors, I don't know. He's one stubborn little boy, though. He will not put his feet down if you try to get him to stand! He is doing a lot more climbing, though, and it's been fun having him climb up on the couch to play with us. He seems to like hiding his face in the cushions, among other slightly disconcerting habits of his. He also likes covering his head with things (more on that below) and wrapping things around his neck. Great. Lately he's been digging the corner of the kitchen cabinets. He will crawl in there and stand up, just facing in and periodically pulling on the cabinets. It's sort of cute, though I wish he would have picked a section of cabinets that wasn't right next to the stove.

His eating habits are still quite frustrating. Sometimes he'll eat great and there will be minimal food throwing. But more often he just refuses to eat. I'm at a bit of a loss. I know that he'll usually eat chicken nuggets (particularly with ketchup), veggie dogs, mac and cheese, french fries, pizza, those Gerber ravioli things, and a handful of snack foods. He adores those organic veggie stix that look like colored french fries, and he'll usually eat various cereals like Chex and Cheerios. He's hit or miss on his breakfast foods...he likes his blueberry waffles and pancakes most of the time, but often gets antsy before he's done. He'll eat oatmeal no problem and seems to enjoy Cheerios in milk, but he won't touch eggs or cereal bars. He doesn't seem to like beef and very rarely will eat vegetables, no matter how much butter I put on them. He will eat fruit like crazy, though. Peaches, pears, nectarines, kiwi, grapes, watermelon, strawberries...he loves them. He likes yogurt a lot but went through a phase of even refusing that. He loves cheese, particularly string cheese. Ultimately my problem is that I don't want to keep feeding him just the stuff he likes, because he needs to keep trying things. But I hate wasting food and I know that the stuff he likes isn't always the healthiest. The fruit thing is great but the no veggies thing is tough. I don't want to stop trying, but it's so annoying to make it and then have to throw all of it out. I'm worried he doesn't eat enough, and I know he's not getting enough vegetables. He seems to be getting heavier but he's so skinny! Must be all that whole milk he's drinking! I know all of the adages like he'll eat when he's hungry, but I just want to make sure he's not nutritionally deficient or shaping up to be a long-term picky eater.

We have changed up his mealtime setting once again in hopes of a better experience for all of us. A while back we started sitting him in his booster seat full time, since he seemed to find the high chair confining or otherwise unenjoyable. The straps on the booster seem to be getting tight, and in general it was just a pain to deal with sometimes. We were also having a problem with Jacob pushing off on the underside of the table and tipping his chair back. And finally, when he'd get cranky in his seat he'd throw his head back and bang it on the top of the chair. Lovely. One day I was looking in the clearance section at Wegmans and got a laminated Sesame Street activity placemat for 72 cents. One side has pictures of a bunch of characters and shapes, and the other side has actual activities that you could use a dry erase marker to do. I decided to get some velcro to stick the placemat to the table so Jacob couldn't lift it or throw it, but I could still take it off to clean it. We also ditched the booster in favor of his high chair (again), this time lowered to table level and minus the tray. We just scoot him right up to the table. He still can push off a bit but the high chair won't tip, and he can't bang his head anymore. None of the changes have really helped his eating habits, but it's made my life a little more pleasant.

Other than that, the only news this week is that Jacob is getting his eighth tooth! I couldn't even see it the other day, and then yesterday while he was screaming I saw it! I felt it and it was just through the gums! So, that should be in soon....which is nice because the matching tooth on the other side is pretty much in and it looks funny...both because it doesn't have a mirror image and because it's spaced out from the two center teeth on the bottom. Jacob's been pretty chewy lately again, so we'll see if it's just for this one or if he's got more coming!

I'll leave you with a quickie video of Jacob's favorite game, peek-a-boo. As I mentioned earlier, he likes covering his head. He loves getting totally under a blanket and then finding his way back out. He likes when we do it too. He will laugh hysterically. I haven't been able to get good video of him doing it over and over, but he does...and it's hilarious. This one is quick but the smile at the end is so cute!

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