Monday, September 14, 2009

One half step for giant sprint down the hall...

No, Jacob isn't walking quite yet, but he's getting there. Over the weekend he got the guts to actually pick up his feet while standing, and that's a big step for him. As I've mentioned (or at least told everyone who asks if he's walking yet), Jacob probably could be walking, but he's just sort of lazy. Or perhaps his laziness is just a lack of confidence masquerading as laziness. Ever since he started standing unassisted a few weeks back, we've been encouraging him to stand up on his own. But whenever we'd try to get him to do it, he'd squat back down right away. The only way he'd stand up on his own is if he was too distracted to notice!

Over the weekend he really started standing up more, probably in part due to the abundance of carpeting at Craig's parents' house. We have area rugs and one room with carpet, but I can't imagine either is quite as cushy. Once he would get up, we'd encourage him to walk. It was progress in itself that Jacob would stand when we helped him up to a standing position. And eventually we got him to move his feet. Usually he'd move one and then dive forward, but I think there was one time where he moved both but was pretty much diving the whole time so I don't think that counts. But he's been getting in some good half steps, which is progress! In the meantime he's tearing around the house with his little walking toy, practically sprinting down the hall on the hardwoods and tearing across the kitchen floor. He's so close!

Then today he took another big step--up to the next room at daycare! He's been in the same room for a long time now, since November, I think. Originally there were three infant rooms. They're all connected but each had their own teachers and activities. About six months after Jacob moved up, the tiniest infant room sort of moved up together and never got replenished with new babies. As a result, the room he was in had quite the mix--from Jacob who was born in June down to babies born in December. And once his teacher came back from maternity leave, she brought back with her her daughter, who was a full year younger than Jacob. At the same time, that room was doing a lot of activites with the older kids, who Jacob had spent a lot of time with before they moved up. They've been going back and forth for quite a while, and Jacob has really enjoyed his time with the big kids. Lately they've been getting some new babies in, so he was next in line to move up. And today he officially did! Moving up means that he'll be getting in more of a schedule, with a set lunch time and nap time, and more cool activities. He'll still spend a lot of time with the younger kids when they mix, and at the end of the day he'll be back with his old teacher for a half hour or so until we get there. But it's a big step and it's so hard to believe he's turning into such a big boy.

One funny story for the weekend before I watch the Bills lose another close one...Due to a lack of communication and planning, we ended up with no pack-n-play for Jacob this weekend. We got to Buffalo late on Friday night so we didn't have many options, and we ended up all sharing a double bed that night. That was truly horrible and none of us slept too great. On Saturday we headed to Target. Craig wanted to buy a pack-n-play for Saturday night, but even though we found one as cheap as $45, I was hesitant since it was just one night and it wouldn't happen again. If we would have been sleeping in a completely childproof room, some blankets on the floor may have been sufficient. But since the room we were in doubles as a playroom for our niece and nephews, there were a lot of small guys, Barbie accessories, etc., and if Jacob woke up and decided to go for a crawl, it would be a dicey situation. So, I at least wanted something that would contain him to the point that he'd have to make noise to do anything, which would wake us up in time to watch him. At one point while we were looking for sleeping bags or sleep tents (or anything in that genre) we wandered past the summer clearance, and I had an about a kiddie pool? I had been wanting to buy Jacob one all summer, but the weather and our schedule never worked out so we never got one. Well, now they were discounted by a ton, and we got one that's 5' x 5' and will be plenty big for all three of us next summer for just $6. We put a bunch of blankets in the bottom and it worked out perfectly for a temporary bed. It was a little scary letting him sleep in something like that because it's not exactly breathable, but he's old enough to control his body pretty well while sleeping, and it was better than all of us being so uncomfortable on the bed. I guess Jacob likes his own sleeping space as much as the rest of us! It was quite the mess but it all turned out ok, thankfully!

Yup, the Bills blew another Monday night game. At least I didn't have to stay up past my bedtime to watch this one. Ugh. We're trying to teach Jacob to throw his arms up for a touchdown, but right now our cheering is only scaring him. Hmmm. We'll have to work on that... :)

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