Thursday, September 24, 2009

Odds and Ends...

Not much to report this week, apparently, so I figured I'd report on a few random things...

- Jacob loves ice cream cones. Not necessarily the ice cream in them, but the cones themselves. He does enjoy ice cream a lot of the time when a cone isn't an option, but he will gladly eat an empty ice cream cone. After the tiny cone he ate at the gelato place, I had been thinking how fun it would be to get him cones like that, and one day at Wegmans I happened to look at the cone selections, almost on accident, and noticed that they had tiny cones. There are 60 in a standard sized cone box. I'll admit I've been enjoying them as well, but with ice cream. Jacob will take an empty one and immediately crunch into it, nearly destroying it completely with one bite. It's pretty funny. I hope to get video of it some day...once I clear off my memory card or get a new one!

- Still no progress on the walking front. He will definitely walk when he's ready. And right now he gets around better crawling. He has no problem climbing and standing, so I know it's not a physical issue. I just think he knows that crawling serves him best at this point. I keep encouraging him, trying to get him to stand and take a couple steps, then cheering him on and hugging him when he does it (though usually the couple steps are just part of a lunge forward at me), but so far he's just not interested in doing it more often or on his own. Even spending all day with a half dozen little walkers hasn't convinced him yet. Just more evidence that he definitely has a mind of his own...

- His new favorite activity is using me as a jungle gym. Once in a while when I'm trying to get a laugh out of him I will roll on to my back and lift him up above me, sometimes with his belly resting on my feet. He loves it. One day he was standing behind me while I sat on the floor and I grabbed his hands over my shoulders and bent over, basically lifting his feet off the floor. He loved it and I did it over and over, with him giggling hysterically the whole time. So now when I'm on the floor with him, he either comes up in front of me and pushes me back, practically strangling me in the process, or comes up behind me and pushes me forward. It took me a couple times of this to realize what he was doing, but now I know it's his not-so-subtle hint!

- He's still not eating that great, but once in a while he'll do a great job. I suppose he'd do a great job if I just fed him stuff I know he likes, but I don't want him to get in a rut so I'd rather keep getting him to try new things here and there. This week I heated up some Asian-style vegetables (the Steamfresh kind) and he really seemed to like those. They're pretty much the same veggies he's given normally (carrots, peas (except these are in pods), baby corn, broccoli) but I guess the subtle sauce they're in worked for him. And there are things he likes but has a hard time eating, like corn and rice. He enjoys them but since he still eats with his hands he ends up making a mess. I keep trying to help him with silverware, but it's not going too well. Like the walking/crawling thing, he takes the easy way out and will eat with his fingers with the hand that isn't holding the spoon or fork. Doh!

- He really loves his milk and now delights in signing it for us. The sign for milk is simply squeezing your hand into a fist--think milking a cow. He uses that sign, along with "more", a lot. He also knows "please" and I think he knows "done", which I think is moving your hands back and forth, though I think that one usually just dissolves into moving his hands back and forth on his placemat and brushing food off the table. Ugh. He's also figured out how the velcro on his placemat works, so that's been a little annoying, but still, I don't miss the high chair tray.

- We're still having trouble getting him to kick his second nap. If he happens to take a three hour nap after his lunch, he's fine for the rest of the day. But if his nap is any shorter than two hours, he just can't seem to make it. If he takes a cat nap before leaving day care, that seems to do the trick. But if he happens to fall asleep on the way home (a five minute drive!) and sleep until shortly before dinner, he's a mess. It takes him a while to snap out of his post-nap funk. He'll cry and fight us, usually until we can convince him to take a bite of his dinner, at which point he decides it's pretty good and will keep going. The napping thing was less of an issue in his old room at daycare, but in the new one he's in, they try to stick to a schedule, and that schedule only includes one nap. He does revert back to the other room at the end of the day and can easily sleep then, but sometimes it's hard to tell if he's tired. He gets punchy when he's sleepy, and it can easily be misinterpreted as just being in a really silly mood. So what seems like a good mood at the end of the day is really discovered to be sleepiness when he falls asleep on the way home. So not only does he sleep through some of the little time he has with us, but he wakes up cranky. Ugh.

He's definitely keeping us laughing these days, though. This morning when he woke up he stood there in his crib pointing to the polka dots on my shirt, one at a time, saying "ball" to each one. What a goof ball :) He's got good comedic timing with his playing of peek-a-boo, and loves being chased around the house. The chasing can be fun but it's bad when he's going somewhere he shouldn't and thinks it's fun to crawl away. Like I said, hopefully I will clear off my memory card soon and will have more opportunities for fun pictures and video. My apologies for the lack of those things lately. Hopefully soon!!

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