Saturday, September 5, 2009

Skip over the first paragraph if you're anti-bodily function...

I decided this morning that you haven't lived until you've helped your child poop. Yep. We woke up this morning to the sound of Jacob crying and straining. It's rare that pooping is a major issue for him. He makes the same face every time and may turn beet red, but for the most part it all comes out pretty easily, and sometimes probably even too soft. As a result, this morning the whole pooping thing didn't really occur to me right away. While that was my first thought with how it sounded like he was straining, I barely considered it because he's rarely like that. When I went into his room, he didn't stop whining like he usually would. I decided to change his diaper, and when I did I noticed that he had, ummm, a turtle head poking out. And that's when it hit me that all the straining was, in fact, a BM. When it appeared that it really wasn't going well, I decided to grab a wipe and take advantage of each push to try to pull it out. Yes, this is something only a parent would do. In the end I helped him get rid of three turds, each about the size of a walnut. They were pretty solid and he had a heck of a time, but it was all worth it when he immediately calmed down after the third one. As a parent you just want your child comfortable and happy, so you do what you have to do. Crazy stuff.

It's been a nice weekend so far. I got out of work a little early yesterday and we all headed out to Perry (about an hour south) to go to our favorite drive-in. We got a great parking spot and grabbed three slices of pizza (so good!), which we all shared while sitting on a blanket on the grass in front of the screen. Jacob got a little fussy in the middle of it all because he wanted to go play like so many other kids were doing. Eventually we had to relent because he just wouldn't eat, and after a little time among the swings and slides, he was downing bites of pizza like it was the best thing ever. After that we grabbed some pre-movie ice cream. We've decided that Jacob is a bigger fan of ice cream cones than the ice cream itself. He loves crunching into them! As for the movies, it was a triple feature last night - Ice Age 3, Up, and G.I. Joe. Jacob was actually pretty good for most of Ice Age 3. He watched a lot of it right from my lap. I got him in his PJs in the car about halfway through, and we let him watch the movie and explore the front seat for a bit before finally trying to get him to sleep in his car seat. It took a while, but finally he drifted off. Ice Age was probably our favorite of the three. Up was interesting...great animation from Pixar as usual, but such an odd storyline. Not that talking toys or fish are more believable than an old guy setting his house aloft with thousands of helium balloons, but I think the fact that the movie was based in "reality" with humans as characters created a strange juxtaposition with the far-fetched storyline. Still, some of the writing was cute, and I loved the "talking" dogs and the cool bird. Craig really wanted to see G.I. Joe, despite how late it would be starting, so I decided to try to take a nap in the backseat. I was only moderately successful, but the rest probably helped me stay awake on the way home. It was late by the time we left, but all things considered Jacob did really well. I am looking forward to taking him next summer when he's a little older and can enjoy all it has to offer, movies included. It was pretty priceless this time to see his face when the movie started. He was definitely more aware of it than when we took him earlier in the summer.

Today has been a usual Saturday of playing, napping and errands. I think we're going to grill tonight and probably fit in an evening walk or swing after dinner. Tomorrow we're off to a wedding on the other side of town and we're meeting my parents there to make the Jacob switch--they're coming back from a wedding near Syracuse and are meeting us along the way to pick up Jacob and watch him for the day at our house while we're at the wedding. No plans for Monday right now, but that's a good thing! Gotta love long weekends!

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