Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting back to normal...

I've had some funny little moments over the past few weeks since I finished up nursing. As I'm sure I've mentioned, I was looking forward to having my body back and not worrying about every little thing I was doing that could in some way negatively impact Jacob. From nuts to albacore tuna (mercury) to alcohol to dairy, I was constantly thinking about what was transferring through my milk and what it might do. Even artificial sweeteners and "safe" medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen made me a little nervous. From allergy concerns to toxins, many things kept me wondering right through pregnancy and into breastfeeding. And really, things like medications and alcohol had only been used in moderation since before I was pregnant, as I was trying to keep myself as "clean" as possible when I was trying to get pregnant, just in case I didn't find out right away.

Well, since I gave up breastfeeding I've been having these revelations here and there, realizing that certain things are okay again. One day it was nuts, another day it was allergy medication. Then this week I started to get a cold. I could tell the other night that my throat was sore, and I was so bummed because I've been sick a lot since Jacob's been in day care. And usually when I'm sick, he'll get sick. And God knows either of those scenarios is bad for both of us, not to mention Craig. And while I'm still nervous about passing this along, I had a revelation the other night while I was sitting on the couch. Holy cow, I can take cold medication again! After a year of suffering through countless colds without more than a pain reliever to reduce sinus pain, I can actually take whatever I want to ward off symptoms. YES!! Well, I looked in the medicine cabinet the next morning to see if anything in there would work and was still good, and I found an unopened pack of Cold-Eze. I don't know if they were just old or if I bought them for Craig at some point, but they're supposed to cut down a cold's symptoms and duration. I felt like I had success with them in the past so I decided I'd try it again. I took them 3 or so times a day the last couple days, and really, I feel pretty good. I'm tired, but other than a scratchy throat and some post-nasal drip, it really hasn't been too bad. As a result I haven't even needed to hit up the cold medicine aisle yet...which is fine with me.

But all along I just couldn't help but laugh every time it hit me that something was now safe for me to consume. I guess two years of screening everything I consumed for baby safety really became a habit! Breastfeeding was still worth it, but I don't miss it (I really thought I would!) and I'm happy to be back to my old self for a while!

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