Saturday, June 11, 2016

News & Notes, Season End Edition

Jacob had his last lacrosse game of the season today.  No points, but it's really great to see how the team has improved over the course of the season.  A bunch of young kids that couldn't scoop up a ground ball or complete a pass really came into their own by the end of the season.  They didn't win too many games, but the second half of the season they stayed competitive and won or tied a few.  It was fun to watch...even more fun than the ball-hog-led blow-out wins over the last two seasons.  The bummer is that he's supposed to move up next year.  A good chunk of his team will do the same, but the problem is that there will be quite a few kids on the team, and the ball hogs from previous years will be on that team, too.  We'll see how that goes.  We'll miss some of the families from this year, though.  It's hard to believe he's done with the season after all of the waiting we did all winter to get him back on the field.  Now we have a long wait until November, when everything starts again.  He'll have at least one camp and lots of playing in the driveway (no doubt) until then, but it's a bit of a bummer that it's over because I know how passionate he is about it and he'll definitely miss that outlet.

In the meantime, we'll get more serious about baseball.  He's missed one game a week so far because of lacrosse (while missing one lacrosse practice most weeks to make his other baseball game), so we'll finally get to focus on one sport.  Ironically, baseball got rained out today due to a nasty thunderstorm this morning, but we still got to sit and roast through a steamy lacrosse game.  Thank goodness for the breeze that showed up halfway through, because it was awful for a while!  Baseball games are longer and far more boring because of this whole kid-pitch format this year.  The kids can't pitch well, so there aren't many hits until the coaches take over, and even then the fielders are so bored that half the time they miss the ball when it does get hit.  We only have a few weeks left of that, though, and then we'll be free for the summer to pursue other opportunities.  Jacob mentioned guitar lessons a while back, but we'll just have to keep our eyes open.  One less night a week will be nice, though.

We finally have a weekend that's shaping up to be photo-worthy!  Tonight we have Little League Night at the Red Wings game, so we'll be out on the field and watching the Zooperstars!  Tomorrow it looks like we'll be going to the Buffalo Zoo, possibly with my parents.  I've had a Groupon for months, and it just hasn't worked out to go, and it expires at the end of the month.  Tomorrow looks like a good day for it.  I hate to make yet another trip to Buffalo as we'll have plenty coming up, but I think it will be a lot of fun, and it's an excuse to spend some time with my dad prior to Father's Day, since they'll be visiting my brother and we'll be with Craig's family for the actual holiday.  Hopefully we'll end up with some great photo ops from all of this!

I'm feeling a little less productive this weekend, though I did vacuum part of the house and get a couple long-unused gift cards set up for cash back through a couple different sites.  Let's hope they work!  One was for a place that's no longer around here, and another was a rather large one we received as a gift when Carter was born, but was for a place we rarely shop at (and the one location left around here is way across town).  Also, that place is so overpriced that anything we lose from the value to get the redemption would have been what we overpaid anyway!  For example, if I could have gotten Carter a pair of pants, I would have spent $30 for something I could have gotten for $10 elsewhere.  So, I think it's worth it.  We'll see how it goes!

Next Friday Jacob has his first appointment with the next round of behavioral specialists.  Sometimes he seems almost normal, but then he will completely refute our authority, freak out if I try to touch him, or insist that I hate him, and it's crystal clear that we need some help.  I keep trying to think of a concise statement of what we need help with, but it's hard.  He needs to be more thoughtful, both about others' feelings and about his behavior in general.  For example, remembering to use a fork when he eats or not using the clean shirt he's holding as a place to wipe his nose.  We need him to not flip out if Carter gets within a foot of him, or to be more willing to let me fix his hair or kiss him on the forehead.  We need him to understand our authority, end of story.  He needs help in cutting through the constant clutter in his brain to focus on important things.  He's always making plans in his mind, but sometimes he needs to get off his own agenda and focus on other things.  He could be such an amazing kid, but the constant arguing and demanding is wearing us thin.  We've told him it could make things easier for him, and I've told him that we appreciate his uniqueness, but that we need to refine some things so it's easier for him to interact in society and live in our house!

Bedtime is still a late night event for Carter, but nap time today seemed a bit better.  I'm still holding out hope it's a phase.  

We're going into Jacob's last full week of school (and of age seven, for that matter), which blows my mind.  We have a lot of stuff coming up--school stuff, birthday stuff, a new summer camp--so the next few weeks will be eventful.

Well, for now it's off to baseball for the night.  More soon!

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